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Joshua Sunday, born on the 15th of March, 1994, popularly known as Dr General, is a popular Nigerian Comedian, Skit Maker, Actor, Film Director and Content Creator. He is well known for his hilarious comedy vidoes and short YouTube Web series ranging from Love, Drama, Action and More. In this Biographical Post, we will take a look at the Biography of popular Nigerian Comedian, De General. Read more post content below.

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De General was born on the 15th of March, 1994, in Edo State, Western Nigeria. He hails from Owan East, Edo State, In Nigeria. Not much is known about his early childhood nor education. However, he graduated in 2022 from a University and shared Pictures via his social Media Handles and fan pages. More details to come.


De General started his career as a Skit Maker in the late 2010s but saw the industry's limelight in the early 2020s. He's known for using Travel Bags as his signature material, in his comedy videos, which he posts on his Instagram handle.

With time, De General became famous for his hilarious Skits. He did not stop there, De General also ventured into making short YouTube Web Series such as "Young Love" and many more. His YouTube mini series ranges from Drama, Romance to Action.

So far since his career, he has made a name for himself in the comedy Industry and entertainment industry at large and have collaborated with many of his industry colleagues to make comedy Skits.

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De General has an estimated Net Worth of About $50k to $100k United States Dollars to his name. He makes his money off his comedy videos, YouTube Mini Series (Channel Royalties), Brand Promotion and many more. 


De General is currently 30 years of age as at 2024. He was born on the 15th of March, 1994. 


De General's Real Name is Joshua Sunday.

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Apart from making Comedy Skits, De General is also an Actor and a movie Director. So far, he has produced, directed and starred in some of his YouTube Web Series such as "Young Love", "Dirt Trip", "Yet Another Christmas" and many more.


De General is from Edo State, Western Nigeria.


You can follow him up on Instagram via the Handle, @iam_degeneral and De General Comedy On Facebook. You can also subscribe to his YouTube Channel with same name. 


Apart from being a Comedian, De General also tried Movie Production and Directing, which so far, have been. Commendable by Fans of his and other fellow content creators. More heights to the Content Creator, De General!. 


Q. How old is De General? 

A. De General is currently 30 years old as at 2024.

Q. Where is De General from? 

A. De General is from Edo State, Western Nigeria. 

Q. Who is De General? 

A. De General is a popular Nigerian Comedian and Content Creator. 

Q. How much is De General Net Worth? 

A. De General is worth between $50k to $100k US Dollars. 

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