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Asibi Emmanuel Ezechukwu Popularly known as Nasty Blaq is a popular Nigerian Instagram Comedian, Skit Maker, Actor, Promoter and General Content Creator. He is known for his very funny Comedy skits videos. In this Biographical post, we will take a quick look at the Biography of popular Skit Maker, Nasty Blaq. Read more post content below.

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Nasty Blaq was born on the 23rd of September, 1996 in Ejigbo Lagos State Nigeria. The young lad his primary and secondary School education in Nigeria. According to info gotten from, Nasty Blaq attended South American University in The United States where he studied Mathematics.

Note: The Educational Background above isn't credible as at the time of writing this post. We now move to Nasty Blaq's Comedy Career.

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Nasty Blaq was a funny guy right from time. We can say he and the likes of his industry comrades like Sydney Talker and the rest, started and paved way for Skit Making in Nigeria.

   Nasty Blaq's Breakthrough in the Skit Making industry came around 2018 when his comedy videos started getting wide attention and audience across several social media platforms. The lad became Popular for his videos, whvh he uploads on his social media handles, particularly Instagram (Home of Skit Making). Nasty Blaq's Comedy always portrays relationships most times and dealing woth the them, enduring female troubles, Life struggles, keeping up with Neighbors and many other real life situations.

   So far, Nasty Blaq has made a name for himself in the Nigerian Skit Making industry, despite the industry being hard these days, with new concepts and new personalities, Nasty has saved himself an honorary spot in this particular industry. Nasty has collaborated with Fellow skit making comrades such as Sydney Talker and many more. He has also worked as Brand Ambassador and promoter for various brands and companies. He has also produced and aired some of his YouTube short series like "On The Run" and many more. More Heights Nasty Blaq!.

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In 2020, Nasty Blaq won Comedian of the year Award.


Nasty Blaq has an estimated Net Worth of about $200k-$400k Dollars. Content creation (most especially comedy), has a lot of income if your concept is unique.


Nasty Blaq is currently 27 years old as at 2023. The lad celebrated his birthday recently and gifted himself a brand new Range Rover Sport SUV Car.


As at the time of writing this post, Nasty Blaq has no Girlfriend yet, neither is he in any relationship the media know of, fingers crossed.


Facebook: Nasty Blaq

Instagram: @nastyblaq

Twitter: @NastyBlaq

YouTube: Nasty Blaq

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Nasty Blaq is of the Igbo tribe of Eastern Nigeria, from Anambara State, Nigeria. 


Nasty Blaq recently gifted himself a Range Rover Sport SUV Car for his 27th Birthday. The lad has other Posh Vehicles also.

Nasty Blaq standing close to his Brand New Range Rover Sport SUV Car.


Nasty Blaq Instagram handle is @nastyblaq. You can follow the comedian via his Instagram handle.


The skit making industry is an ever growing one, with new talents everyday. All thanks to the likes of pioneers like Nasty Blaq, Sydney Talker, And The rest, skit making comedy has come to stay. More Blessings, More Life, Nasty Blaq!. 

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Q. How old is Nasty Blaq?

A. 27 years old.

Q. Nasty Blaq Net Worth in Naira?

A. The lad is said to be worth about $200k-$400k dollars, converting it to Naira in 2023, will give us an estimate of N160M-N300M Naira. Estimate can change due to dollar value.

Q. Nasty Blaq state of origin?

A. Nasty Blaq hails from Eastern Nigeria and is of the Igbo tribe, His state of origin is Anambara State, A state located in Eastern Nigeria.

Q. Nasty Blaq and Sydney Talker who is the Richest?

A. Well, judging from popularity and concepts, fan base and business ventures, we can say Sydney Talker is way Richer than Nasty Blaq. I mean Sydney Talker owns a record label (Neville Records) Housing one of Nigeria's favorite New cat in the Afrobeat Music industry. That's a plus for Sydney Talker.

Q. Where is Nasty Blaq from?

A. Nasty Blaq is from Eastern Nigeria.

Q. Who is Nasty Blaq?

A. Nasty Blaq is a popular Nigerian Instagram Skit Making Comedian, Actor and Content Creator.

Q. Who is Nasty Blaq Girlfriend?

A. As at the time of writing this post, Nasty Blaq has no girlfriend.

Q. What Country is Nasty Blaq from?

A. Nasty Blaq is from Eastern Nigeria, A country located in West Africa.

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