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Jamie Chua born in 1973, is a popular Singaporean Socialite, Social Media Personality, Fashionista and Business Woman. She is Popularly known for Wealthy lifestyle which she flaunts on social media, she's also known as one of the top Models in Singapore and one of the most influential Public Figure in the world of Social Media, which earned her the title, "Queen Of Instagram" in Singapore. She's also known to have a high and expensive fashion Sense.

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Not much is known about Jamie's early Life, however, she was born in 1973 and grew up living in Singapore with her parents and 2 siblings of which she's the eldest. Her Dad was a Travel Agent (from which we can say she got her passion from) and her Mom was a usual Housewife. She had her education at CHIJ (Toa Payoh).


Overall, Jamie Chua is known to be a Socialite and Social Media Influencer with a touch of Fashion to it. However, we will touch down briefly on her major careers or line of work.


Jamie has always been a Hustler from teenage age. She started her modelling career at the age of 15. She regarded Modelling as the best paying Part-time job she could do then as a Secondary School Student. Her parents were skeptical at first about her going into the modelling line of work, but gave in later on and supported her. She learnt Modelling at Mannequin Studio in Singapore.


Jamie Chua also worked as an Airline Stewardess. At the age of 17, Jamie Chua joined the Singapore Airlines (SIA) as an Airline Stewardess. She worked as an Airline Stewardess/Attendant with the SIA for 3 years, during that period, she met her future Husband, Nurdian Cuaca who is an Indonesian Businessman and now Multi-Millionaire. She ended her job as an Airline Hostess after marrying Nurdian Cuaca.

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Chua is also regarded as a Top Social Media Personality in Singapore, particularly on Instagram. She has amassed over 1.2M+ followers on her Instagram Handle, with over 550K+ YouTube Subscribers, with more than 300k+ follows on Tik Tok. She basically does Unboxing Videos and Flaunting Fashion Related items from Designer Bags, Clothing, Shoes, Jewelries and many more. All this earned her the title and nickname, "Queen Of Instagram" in Singapore.


Jamie Chua was married to Nurdian Cuaca, an Indonesian Businessman. She met him when working with the SIA. They birthed two offsprings together, "Cleveland"(Son) born in 1995 and "Calista" (Daughter) born in 1998. However, they got divorced in 2011 and the couple separated and went their separate ways with each party keeping to their terms and agreement. See more divorce information when you visit wiki.sg.

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Nurdian Cuaca and Jamie Chua had their first child (A son) named Cleveland, who was born in 1995. He's the first born of the divorced couple.

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Jamie Chua has a female child also with Nurdian Cuaca, who was born in 1998 and is named Calista. She's the immediate and only sibling to Chua's and Cuaca's first son, Cleveland.

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Jamie Chua has an estimated Net Worth of about $30Million to $50Milliom United States Dollars to her name. She also lives in a 10,000 square feet House with her family, Maids and Three Dogs. She's also owner to various Fashion Oriented Businesses across Singapore.


At the moment, Jamie Chua is in a long term Romantic Relationship with Terrence Koh, who is a Lawyer. It is reported that they have been together since 2014.


According to Information, Jamie Chua lives in a 10,000 square feet Luxurious House with her family, Maids and Three Dogs. Inside the house are various rooms to her fashion items ranging from costly Bags, Clothes, Jewelleries, Necklaces, Shoes and many more.


Chua is nicknamed by Fans s Singapore's "Queen Of Instagram". She has held and retained this title since time memorial. She's owner to numerous Businesses and Companies that deal with Fashion–Related goods.

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Instagram: Jamie Chua (@ec24m) with over 1.2 Million Followers

Tik Tok: @jamiechua with over 300k Followers

YouTube Channel: Jamie Chua with over 550k+ Subscribers


Jamie Chua has shown that having zeal and passion for a lifestyle/profession and channeling the right energy and attitude towards it, will bring you good returns and take you far in life. I hope you learn from her, from a teenage Model/Air Hostess, to a renowned Public Figure in Singapore.

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Q. Who is Jamie Chua?

A. Jamie Chua is a popular Singaporean Socialite, Social Media Influencer, Fashionista, Business Woman and Model.

Q. How Old is Jamie Chua?

A. Jamie Chua is 51 years old as at 2024.

Q. Who did Jamie Chua marry?

A. Jamie Chua was formerly married to Indonesian Businessman, Nurdian Cuaca, but got divorced later on. They had two children together.

Q. Who is Jamie Chua partner?

A. At the moment, Jamie Chua is in a Romantic Relationship with Lawyer, Terrence Koh.

Q. What does Jamie Chua do?

A. Jamie Chua is a popular Singaporean Socialite, Instagram Influencer, Model, Fashion Expert and more.

Q. Why is Jamie Chua Rich?

A. Jamie Chua is Rich because she worked for it and she's and independent woman, who started her hustles from an early age in life.

Q. Who is Jamie Chua Ex-Husband?

A. Jamie Chua's Ex-Husband is Nurdian Cuaca.

Q. Who did Jamie Chua Marry?

A. Jamie Chua once married Indonesian Businessman, Nurdian Cuaca, however, they divorced after some years.

Q. Who is the daughter of Jamie Chua?

A. Jamie Chua has a daughter, whom she had with Nurdian Cuaca, she goes by the name Calista.

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