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Sonny Bill Williams, Born on August 3, 1985, in Auckland, New Zealand, is a Professional Rugby Player and a Heavyweight Boxer. Williams' journey from a promising rugby talent to a two-sport phenomenon is nothing short of remarkable. In this Biographical post, we will take a look at the Biography of New Zealand's Sporty Superstar, Sonny Bill Williams. Read more post Content below.

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Sonny Bill Williams was born on the 3rd of August, 1985, in Auckland, New Zealand. His father, Ioane "John" Williams, is a Samoan man and his mother Lee Woolsey has a New Zealand and Australian Ancestry or Origin. Sonny had an elder brother, John Arthur and two younger Twin sisters, Niall and Denise.

For his education, Sonny Bill Williams attended Owairaka school, Wesley intermediate and Mount Albert Grammar school.

NOTE: All informations are credible and were gotten from the Wikipedia site.


Sonny Bill Williams has Achieved a lot through out his Rugby Career, however, we will go straight to the most important detail, to save your reading time and more.

Williams made his professional rugby debut with the Canterbury Bulldogs in the National Rugby League (NRL) in 2004. His impact was immediate, earning him the NRL's Rookie of the Year award. Subsequently, he transitioned to rugby union, representing the Canterbury Crusaders and later the New Zealand national team, the All Blacks.

The pinnacle of his rugby career came in 2011 when he played a crucial role in the All Blacks' Rugby World Cup victory. His ability to offload in tackles, athleticism, and commitment to the team's success solidified his status as one of the world's premier rugby players.

Through out his Career, both in the Rugby League and Rugby Union, Sonny has played for the following teams as gotten from Wikipedia and listed below.

Rugby League

For his time playing in the Rugby League, Sonny Bill Williams played for the following teams; 

– Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs (2004-2008)

– Sydney Roosters (2013-2014)

– Toronto Wolfpack (2019-2020)

– Sydney Roosters for a second time (2020)

Rugby Union

Below are the teams Sonny Bill Williams played with under The Rugby Union.

– Toulon (2008-2010)

– Canterbury (2010)

– Crusaders (2011)

– Chiefs (2012)

– Panasonic (2012-2013)

– Counties (2014)

– Chiefs for a second time (2015)

– Rugby Sevens (2016)

– Blues (2017-2019)

Information above, is stats according to Wikipedia, containing the teams Sonny Bill Williams played for so far on his Career.

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Sonny Bill Williams is also known as a professional Boxer aside from being a Rugby player. For his boxing career, he had a lot of boxing matches amounting to 10 on Total, where he won 9 matches and lost 1, with 4 out of 5 Being wins by KO (KnockOut) and 5 being wins by Unanimous points decision. List of Sonny Bill Williams professional Boxing Matches are as follows.

On the 27th of May, 2009, Sonny made his Debut match as a professional Boxer, defeating Boxer, Garry Gurr by way of Technical KnockOut (TKO). On the 30th of June 2010, he defeated Ryan Hogan again by TKO.

On the 29th of January, 2011, Sonny Bill Williams fought his third opponent in his boxing career, known by the name Scott Lewis, Williams won Lewis by Unanimous points Decision. On the 5th of June, 2011, Sonny fought Alipate Liava'a and won the match by Unanimous points decision.

On the 8th of February, 2012, Sonny fought Clarence Tillman III, initially planned to fight Richard Tutaki. Sony won Tillman by way of Technical KnockOut and claimed the title Belt following the match. On the 24th of November, 2012, Sonny fought South African Boxer, Francois Botha. Sonny won Botha by way of unanimous decision. After this fight, Sonny went on a three year break to focus on his Rugby Career and was stripped off his Belt titles.

On the 31st of January, 2015, Sonny made a one year comeback to boxing and fought Chauncy Welliver. Sonny won the bout by Unanimous decision. After the match with Welliver, Sonny Bill Williams took another Six years break and returned on the 26th of June, 2021, fighting Waikato Falefehi and won by Unanimous Decision.

On the 23rd of March, 2022, Williams fought and defeated Barry Hall by TKO in the first round of the bout. On the 5th of November, 2022, Sonny will go to loose his first ever professional Boxing Match, loosing to Mark Hunt by way of Technical KnockOut. Making it 9 Wins and 1 Loses, Making it 10 matches In total. See breakdown of fights below.

2009 Vs Garry Gurr– Won by TKO

2010 Vs Ryan Hogan– Won by TKO

2011 Vs Scott Lewis– Won by UD

2011 Vs Alipate Liava'a– Won by UD

2012 Vs Clarence Tillman III– won by TKO

2012 Vs Francois Botha– Won by UD

2015 Vs Chauncy Welliver– Won by UD

2021 Vs Waikato Falefehi– Won by UD

2022 Vs Barry Hall– Won by TKO

2022 Vs Mark Hunt– Lost by TKO


Sonny Bill Williams is 1.91m Tall, that's 6 ft 3 inches tall and weighs about 110kg (17 st 5 lb; 243 lb) according to Wikipedia.


Sonny Bill Williams is currently 38 years old as at 2023. He was born on the 3rd of August, 1985, in Auckland New Zealand.


Sonny Bill Williams has an estimated Net Worth of about $25 Million United States Dollars as at the time of writing this post. He makes his money off his sporting professions, endorsement and ambassadorial Deal.


Sonny Bill Williams is currently married to Alana Raffie with whom he has four children. They are still very much together till date.

A picture of Sonny Bill Williams, wife (Alana Raffie) and four children.


The Sonny Bill Williams and Mark Hunt fight is the latest fight from Sonny. It is Popularly known as the bout where he got his first loss as a professional Boxer. Sonny Bill Williams lost to Fellow New Zealand Boxer, Mark Hunt by Way of Technical KnockOut and won the Bout, Breaking Williams Winning spree and Making it 9 instead of 10 wins. It was a very popular Boxing Bout of Sonny's Career.


To follow Sonny Bill Williams on X formerly Twitter, check him out via the Handle, @SonnyBWilliams.


Sonny Bill Williams, a name that resonates across rugby and boxing, stands as a testament to the power of determination, adaptability, and versatility. His journey from the rugby fields of New Zealand to the global stage of professional boxing is a saga of triumphs, challenges, and unwavering commitment to excellence. As Williams continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of sports, his legacy serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes worldwide.


Q. How tall is Sonny Bill Williams?

A. Sonny Bill Williams is 6'3 feet tall.

Q. Where is Sonny Bill Williams from?

A. Sonny Bill Williams was born and hails from Auckland, New Zealand.

Q. How old is Sonny Bill Williams?

A. As at 2023, Sonny Bill Williams is 38 years of age.

Q. Where is Sonny Bill Williams now?

A. Sonny Bill Williams is frequently based in his home country, New Zealand.

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