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Irving Ampofo Adjei Popularly known by the stage Moniker, Headie One (formerly Headz), is a popular British Rapper, Singer and Songwriter. He is Popularly known for his hit songs such as "Know Better" featuring RV, "18Hunna" ft Dave, "Ain't It Different" ft AJ Tracey and Stormzy, "Only You Freestyle" ft Drake. In this biographical post, we will take a look at the Biography of Popular British Rapper, Headie One. Read more post content below.

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Headie One was born on the 6th of October, 1994 in Tottenham, London, England, to Ghananian parents. He has a Ghananian Ancestry and speak the Twi language.

According to Wikipedia, Headie One's mother, "Edna Duad" died when Headie One was just three years old and was raised by his father and elder sister. No information is known about Headie One's Education. However, the Rapper was a fan of football from his youthful age to this day, with his favorite Football Club being Manchester United.


So far since Headie One's career, he has Achieved a lot of feet in the UK Drill and Rap Industry, Making a name for himself as one of the pioneers of UK Drill. However, in this Biographical post, we will touch down on important Headie One's Released projects so far in his career with detailed information to save your reading time and explore other post Content.

Headie One started his music career way back in the early 2010s alongside fellow Rap Group (Star Gang) Member, RV. However, Headie One got his Big Break In the UK Rap industry after the Release of his well acclaimed Mixtape titled "The One" which was released in February of 2018 and which had the hit track titled "Know Better" featuring fellow Rapper and Friend, RV. In June 2018, Headie One Released another Mixtape titled "The One Two" which was a follow up to The One and which charted at No. 32 at the UK Albums Chart.

In January 2019, Headie One's Single "18Hunna" featuring Dave, peaked at No. 6 in the UK Chart becoming the Highest Chart Topping song by a Drill Artist prior to Russ Millions and Tion Wayne's "Body". Fast forward to 2020, Headie One Released his debut studio Album titled "Edna" which was released in October of 2020 and which was dedicated and named after Headie One's Late Mother. 

So far since his Career, he has released over 10 Mixtapes including Collaborative Mixtapes and worked with several Big Names in the UK Drill and Rap Scene. See a well detailed Discography Information below.



– Edna (2020)


– Headz Or Tails (2014)

– The One (2018)

– The One Two (2018)

– Music X Road (2019)

– Too Loyal For My Own Good (2021)

Collaborative Mixtapes

– Sticks And Stones with RV (2016)

– Drillers X Trappers  with RV (2017)

– Drillers X Trappers with RV (2019)

– Gang with Fred Again (2020)

– Strength To Strength with K-Trap (2023)


– No Borders: European Compilation Project (2022)

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Below are selected Headie One Songs

– On Sight (2014)

– Golden Boot ft RV (2016)

– Know Better ft RV (2016)

– 18Hunna ft Dave (2019)

– All Day (2019)

– Back To Basics ft Skepta (2019)

– Both (2019)

– Charades ft Fred Again (2020)

– Ain't It Different ft AJ Tracey and Stormzy (2020)

– Can't Be Us with Abra Cadabra and Bandokay (2022)

– Martin's Sofa (2023)

– Parlez-Vous Anglais ft Aitch (2020)

– Siberia ft Burna Boy (2021)

....and many more.


On the 4th of May, 2023, Headie One was presented with a Brits Billion Award by the BPI for surpassing over a Billion Streams in all his career in the UK Charts. He has received other notable Awards and BPI certifications for most of his works also.


Headie One is currently 29 years of Age as at 2023. He was born on the 6th Of October, 1994.


According to most media sites, Headie One has an estimated Net Worth of about $5-$8 Million United States Dollars. 


Headie One's Real Name is Irving Ampofo Adjei.


Headie One has a Height of 5'10 feet tall according to Information from media sites.


As at 2023 and at the time of writing this post, Headie One isn't in any relationship.

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UK Drill, Trap, British Hip Hop


Relentless Records, Epic, One 


Headie One is Popularly Affiliated with the following Groups and Names; Star Gang (Formerly), OFB, RV.


Facebook: Headie One

Instagram: @headieone

Twitter (X): @headieone

Website: www.headie.one


– He and Former Star Gang Member, RV co-founded the OFB.

– Headie One had been imprisoned 3 times for dealing Crack Cocaine and Heroin. He was also imprisoned in 2020 for possession of a Knife.

– Headie One is a a die hard supporter of English Football Club, Manchester United.


Headie One has made a name for himself in the UK Drill and Rap Industry. I bet his name will be remembered as one of the fathers of UK Drill Music.

Thanks for reading this post, read more below and drop your favorite Headie One song using the comments section.


Q. Where is Headie One from?

A. Headie One is from Tottenham, London, England.

Q. How Old is Headie One?

A. Headie One is 29 years old.

Q. How tall is Headie One?

A. Headie One is 5'10 feet tall.

Q. Who is Headie One?

A. Headie One is a popular British Drill Rapper and Songwriter.

Q. What is Headie One Real Name?

A. Headie One Real Name is Irving Ampofo Adjei.

Q. Which country is Headie One from?

A. Headie One is from England. He also has a Ghananian Ancestry.

Q. Which part of London is Headie One from?

A. Headie One is from Tottenham in London.

Q. Is Headie One from Tottenham?

A. Yes Headie One is from Tottenham.

Q. Headie One Net Worth?

A. Headie One has an estimated Net Worth of about $5-$8 Million United States Dollars.

Q. Where is Headie One parents from?

A. Headie One's parents are from Ghana, West Africa.

Q. Who does Headie One support?

A. Headie One is a supporter of Manchester United Football Club.

Q. Where is Headie One originally from?

A. Headie One is originally from Ghana, West Africa.

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