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Young Duu is an upcoming Nigerian Singer and Social Media Celebrity. He is Popularly known as the latest and most known Artist signed to portable's Record label, Zeh Nation. In this Biographical post, we will take a look at the Biography of Future Grammy Award winner, Young Duu. More post content below.

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Young Duu was reportedly born in 2003, The exact date and month of his birth isn't known at the moment, more posts to be added soon. Young Duu was born and brought up in Lagos State. He developed a passion from Music and started struggles to achieve his dreams which is becoming a popular singer and a Grammy Award winning Musician.


Young Duu started Music way before getting his shine in 2023, after getting a record label deal with Zeh Nation, a record label owned by Popular and Controversial Street Pop Artist, Portable.

So far under Zeh Nation, Young Duu has Released a couple of songs like Sho Sho Sho ft Portable, Kilowa ft Olamzzy and he recently Released a song titled Egbemi, which was received with moderate reviews. He is known for his funny Social Media free styles performances, coupled with his enigmatic smile and funny sounding voice. He is also known for keeping his space in the industry by creating funny content, which are mostly videos of him freestyling in a funny way, Making him stay relevant.

Though he doesn't have a notable project yet, we can't wait but see what the young lad has to offer in the music industry and we do hope he gets to win a Grammy  Award. In November 2023, Young Duu signed an Ambassador Deal with Billpoint.

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So far, Young Duu has released a couple of songs. He recently Released a song titled "Egbemi. We can't wait to see what he has installed for us in dah industry. In October, 2023,  made a repost of one of Young Duu's freestyle, which took the internet by storm, indeed Young Duu is getting that Grammy, I'm telling y'all. 

Some Young Duu's songs:

– Sho Sho Sho ft Portable

– Kilowa ft Olamzzy

– Egbemi

– Oyinmo

....and more.


Young Duu is yet to win a Grammy Award, we wish him good luck pursuing his dreams.


Young Duu has an estimated Net Worth of about $1k-$3k Dollars. However, this info needs more clarification.

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Young Duu is Popularly known for getting into trouble with his record label boss. The Duo are known for making the internet go wild for their very funny banter and boss vs signee feuds. However, they always come back good. 

One time, Portable shared chats in which he claimed Young Duu hasn't brought any gain to the record label since his signing in into the Record Label, instead he uses the Car bought under the Label name, to flex and carry young ladies around the streets of Lagos, and many more banter.


Young Duu is 20 years old as at 2023. He was born in 2003.


Young Duu is keeping his spot safe for his launch, look out for him guys, we may be having another Grammy Award Winning Musician in Nigeria soon. Asides from the little Mockery, I do love the guy, no rainbow intended. 

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