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Speed Darlington Biography, Songs, Net Worth, Parents, Comedy, Instagram and more


Darlington Okoye, Popularly known by the Moniker, Speed Darlington, is a popular Nigerian Singer, Comedian and Social Media Personality. He is Popularly known for his funny sounding Songs and Hilarious comedy contents. In this Biographical post, we will take a quick look at the Biography of Nigeria Personality, Speed Darlington. Read more post content below.

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Speed Darlington was born on the 13th of March, 1989. The young lad hails from Arondizougu In Ideato North Local Government Area of Imo State, Eastern Nigeria. Speed Darlington is the only offspring from a relationship between Late Igbo Musician, Traditionalist and Igbo Personality, Mr Pericoma Okoye and Popular Igbo High Life Musician, Mrs Queen Theresa Onuorah.

  Speed Darlington was born in Imo State, Eastern Nigeria, but spent most of his time in the United States Of America. His parents had him when they were together before separation. More info regarding his parents as post progress. Not much is known about Speed Darlington's Education. More information will be added as time goes on.


Well, Speed Darlington took over from his parent's legacies. Speed Darlington started doing Music some time 2017, before that, he was a professional Dancer, dancing with the Egedege Dance group which originates from Imo State and which his mother, Queen Theresa Onuorah, was the leader, Nationwide and beyond.

So far, Speed Darlington is recognised as an energetic Igbo singer and Dancer. He is also known for his  very hilarious Social Media content which has garnered him lots of fans Natinon Wide and beyond, Making him a Multi talented Personality.

  He has Released Popular tracks such as Popping Heavy, Cash And Carry, In Love With my hands ft Zlatan Ibile, Diaspora funds and many more. He is Popularly known by other Monikers also such as; "Akpi", "Irregular Speedometer", "Energy God", "Scorpion King". In an interview, Speed Darlington expressed his hatred for his late father, Mr Pericoma Okoye, whom he stated was the cause of death if people who offended him.

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– Popping Heavy

– My Girl

– Cash And Carry

– Engineer

– Bad Girl

– Saturday Night

– My Party

– Hustle Hard

– Let's Dance

– 50 Inches Or Better

– Bangdadadang

– In Love With My Hands Ft Zlatan Ibile

– Diaspora Funds

....and many more.

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In 2023, Speed Darlington won the African American Rapper of the year at the I-See Awards.

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Speed Darlington has an estimated Net Worth of about $100k-$300k Dollars. Excluding his material things, which includes Houses, Cars and the likes.

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Speed Darlington's Parents are Late Mr Pericoma Okoye and Mrs Theresa Onuorah. Both were Musicians I their prime. However, Speed Darlington's Parents were never together, as they never got along.


Speed Darlington's Mother is Mrs Queen Theresa Onuorah, who was a highlife Musician in her prime, who also is the leader of the Egedege Dance group Originating from Imo State, Eastern Nigeria.


Speed Darlington's Father is Late Mr Pericoma Okoye, who was a Musician, Traditionalist and Various Chief Title holder. He However, passed Away in 2017.


Facebook: Speed Darlington

Instagram: @speeddarlingtontv (akpifire)

Twitter (X): @SpeedDarlington

Tik Tok: Speed Darlington

YouTube: Speed Darlington Tv

Website: speeddarlington.tv


1. Speed Darlington's Father was a Musician and Traditionalist and his mother was also a Musician and The leader of the Egedege Dance group.

2. Speed Darlington has a half sister known as Queenet Ibe.


From his charismatic and energetic personality, Speed Darlington is a content creator and Musician loved by many.

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Q. Who is Speed Darlington's Father?

A. Speed Darlington's Father is Late Mr Pericoma Okoye who was a Musician and Traditionalist.

Q. Who is Speed Darlington?

A. Speed Darlington is a Nigerian Singer, Dancer and Social Media Content Creator.

Q. Who is Speed Darlington's Mother?

A. Speed Darlington's Mother is Mrs Queen Theresa Onuorah who is a Musician and Dancer of the Egedege Dance group.

Q. Where is Speed Darlington from?

A. Speed Darlington is from Imo State, Eastern Nigeria.

Q. How old is Speed Darlington?

A. Speed Darlington is 34 years old as at 2023. He was born on the 13th of March, 1989.

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