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Softmadeit Biography, Net Worth, Real Name, Girlfriend, Cars


Jerry Chuks, Popularly known as Softmadeit, is a popular Nigerian Tik Tok influencer and Content Creator. He is widely known for his Tik Tok and Instagram Dance videos and engaging in Trendy Tik Tok challenges, with his energetic and seductive dance steps. In this biographical post, we will take a look at the Biography of Popular Nigerian Tik Tok star, Softmadeit. Read more post content below.

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Softmadeit was born by the name, Jerry Chuks on the 2nd of August, 1996, in Festac, Lagos State Nigeria. The lad grew up living in Lagos but Hails from Imo State, Eastern Nigeria. He was brought up in a Christian Religious manner.

  For his education, Softmadeit attended Kings College for his secondary School Education and Babcock University for his higher institution Education. Not much is known about his background. More updates as usual.


Softmadeit became Popular after viral videos of him dancing to Popular Tik Tok and Instagram Dance challenges, surfaced online. His Tik Tok handle, Softmadeit has amassed a stagering 4.2 Million+ followers and over 65 Million+ likes, I'm a subscriber myself.

   Aside from Dancing and Creating Social Media contents, Softmadeit is also an entrepreneur, a brand ambassador and a model. Softmadeit has worked with companies like TecnoLagos City Polytechnic and many other organizations.

  So far, this Tik Tok star has made a name for himself in the Social Media content creation space. He is Known as one of the best dancers in Nigeria with other colleagues of his such as Poco Lee and many more others. Softmadeit is also a member of a Tik Tok Group called "The Geng" which is known for making collaborations in content creation with members in the fold.


Softmadeit has an estimated Net Worth of about $250k+ Dollars. He makes his money off his Tik Tok profile Monetization, his YouTube channel, and his ambassador deals and modelling gigs, we can also say his Twitter account monetization too. The young lad is also an entrepreneur.

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Softmadeit's Real Name is Jerry Chuks.


Once, they were rumors online that Softmadeit was in a relationship with Popular Tik Tok Influencer and Fellow "The Geng" Member, Beauty Goddess. However, Softmadeit and Beauty Goddess rebuked the claim and stated that they were just close friends in the Content Creation space with nothing attached. At the moment, Softmadeit isn't in a relationship which the media knows of. Fingers crossed, eyes wide open for more info.


Tik Tok: @Softmadeit_

Instagram: @softmadeit_

Twitter (X): @MadeItSoft

YouTube: Softmadeit


Softmadeit sister is known as Chito, who is also a Tik Tok Influencer herself, guess it runs in the blood eh.


Softmadeit is 27 years old as at 2023.


Detailed info on Softmadeit's Cars isn't known. However, the lad has been seem making poses in his pictures close or the cars mentioned below;

– Range Rover

– Lexus SUV

– Mercedes Benz


1. Softmadeit has over 4 Million+ Followers on his Tik Tok Handle, 567k+ Instagram followers, 7k Followers on his Twitter account and about 7k+ and still counting YouTube subscribers.

2. He has worked with companies and organisations like Tecno, Lagos State Polytechnic and more as an Ambassador.


What ever you do in this current life, make an impact, make a name for yourself, just like Softmadeit, he is recognised as one of the Celebrity dancers in Nigeria today. 

Thanks for reading my blog post, please make your comments in the comments section and drop your favorite Tik Tok dancer or favorite Tik Tok star. Click on other interesting posts below and enjoy yourself.


Q. How old is Softmadeit?

A. Softmadeit is 27 years old.

Q. Is Softmadeit and Beauty Goddess dating?

A. No Softmadeit and Beauty Goddess aren't dating, they are just friends.

Q. Softmadeit is from which state?

A. Softmadeit hails from Imo State Nigeria.

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