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Nicholas Ihua-Maduenyi (born on the 28th of October, 1998, Popularly known by the Moniker, PsychoYP (A.KA, Yung Papi), is a popular Nigerian Alternative Hip Hop Artist, Trapper, Singer and Songwriter. He is Popularly known for his well acclaimed Mixtape, YPSZN. In this Biographical post, we will take a quick look at the Biography of popular Nigerian Hip Hop star, PsychoYP. Read more post content below.

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PsychoYP was born on the 28th of October, 1998 in Abuja, Nigeria. The young lad hails from Rivers State, South Eastern Nigeria. He is currently 25 years as at 2023.

   From on set, PsychoYP has always loved Music, most especially, Hip Hop. He grew up surrounded by and with Music, all. Thanks to his mother who loved Music as well, and played her favorite genres to the hearing of Yung Papi and his siblings.

    The Educational background of PsychoYP isn't known for now. However, we promise to add more details to post as time goes by. We now go onto the Music Career of PsychoYP.


Well, like most Musicians who Started off Music during this digital age, PsychoYP wasn't an exception. PsychoYP started out recording and uploading songs to his SoundCloud Account. He got his stage name from a movie he watched, "Psycho" and a famous Moniker given to him by his secondary School mates, "Yung Papi" which forms the name, "PsychoYP".

     According to an interview held by The Guardian, PsychoYP stated that, he started Music in 2016, when he was in Manchester, England. Well, PsychoYP has done a lot with his career, however, we will go straight to the point and touch down on some of his notable projects so far in his career.

    PsychoYP released his first SoundCloud Ep "Lost In The Sauce" on the 26th of August, 2016, which he uploaded to his SoundCloud Account. He later went on to release a collaborative EP with Fellow Rapper, Kudi Is Dead titled 'This Is What You Wanted" on the 21st of May, 2017.

    On the 8th of June, 2018, PsychoYP released his critically acclaimed EP and titled YPSZN. On the 4th of November, 2019. PsychoYP released the part 2 of YPSZN titled YPSZN2. PsychoYP released his "Euphoria" EP on the 26th of August, 2021. The Euphoria EP had Afrobeat figures like Alpha P and others. On the 2nd of November, 2022, PsychoYP released his third Mistake Ep YPSZN3 and has chart topping tracks like Bando Diaries, IC3, Stronger and many more others.

  PsychoYP is one of the Leading Face in the Afrobeat Alternative Hip Hop Music scene. We wish him the best and the most positive in his career as a Rapper and singer. View his Discographies Below.

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Euphoria (2021)

Collaborative EPs:

– This Is What You Wanted with Kudi Is Dead (2017).

– This Is What You Wanted with Kudi Is Dead 2 (2018).

– YP & Azanti; Vol. 1 (2020)


– YPSZN (2018)

– YPSZN2 (2019)

– YPSZN3 (2022)


– Who Dis (2017)

– To The Max ft Odunsi The Engine (2018)

– Be Like You (2019)

– Euphoria (2021)

– IC3 (2021)

– Bando Diaries (2021)

– Stronger ft Zlatan (2022)

– Midlife Crisis

......and many more.


PsychoYP has been nominated for numerous Awards, however, the most popular will be mentioned below. Too bad he hasn't won any in the category and Awards ceremonies listed below.

1. PsychoYP has been nominated 2 Times for Nigerian Teen Choice Awards.

2. PsychoYP has been nominated for a South African Music Awards (SAMA)

3. He has been nominated 3 Times for Headies


PsychoYP has an estimated Net Worth of about $50k-$100k dollars.


Facebook: PsychoYP

Instagram: @psychoyp


PsychoYP is from Rivers State, South Eastern Nigeria.


PsychoYP is Arguably one of the hit makers in the Nigerian Afrobeat Hip Hop Music scene. The lad has come a long way and has made a name for himself, straight outta the FCT, Abuja Nigeria. 

Thanks for reading my blog post, please make your comments in the comments section and drop your favorite PsychoYP songs or your favorite Nigerian Trapper, click on other posts below and enjoy your time.

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