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Wale Davis (Tec) and Olumide Ayeni (Ghost), popularly known by their stage name, Show Dem Camp (SDC), are a Nigerian Afrobeat Alternative Hip Hop Duo Rappers, known for their Alternative style of mixing Afrobeat, Afrofusion and Hip Hop in their songs. In this blog Article, we will take a look at the short but interesting straight to the point Biography of Hip Hop Duo, Show Dem Camp (SDC). Read more post content below.

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   Show Dem Camp, born as Olumide Ayeni (Ghost) and Wale Davies (Tec), respectively, came together in the early 2000s in Lagos, Nigeria. Both musicians shared a passion for Hip Hop and decided that they become Rap Duos. With a strong background in hip-hop, Tec and Ghost decided to merge their love for the genre with their African roots, leading to the creation of the now-famous Show Dem Camp Duo Rap brand.

   Afrobeat, a genre pioneered by the legendary Fela Kuti, was deeply influential in Tec and Ghost's musical upbringing. Inspired by Fela's Afrobeat sounds, the duo sought to blend it with contemporary/Alternative hip-hop and rap, resulting in a genre-defying fusion that they referred to as "Afrofusion." I bet you sense it in today's Nigerian Hip Hop songs, giving example of some of their songs like Can't Kill Myself ft Oxlade and Do Me Nice ft BNXN.


   Show Dem Camp began their journey by releasing mixtapes that showcased their unique sound and storytelling abilities. Their debut Album, "Clone Wars," gained critical acclaim, firmly establishing their presence in the Nigerian music scene. With each subsequent project, including "Clone Wars II" and "Palmwine Music," the duo continued to refine their style, garnering a dedicated fan base and gaining recognition in Nigeria as promising Hip Hop Duo.

   They both founded and owned their independent Record Label called Show Dem Records. They have released over 7 Albums all through their history as A Hip Hop Duo. Their collaborations with the likes of BOJ, Cruel Santino, AjeButter22, Oxlade, Tems, Ladipoe and other influential artists further solidified their position as pioneers of the Afrofusion movement.


– Clone Wars (2010)

– The Dreamers Project (2011)

– Clone Wars II (The Subsidy) (2012)

– Clone Wars III (The Recession) (2016)

– Palmwine Music 1 (2017)

– Palmwine Music 2 (2018)

– Palmwine Music Express (2019)

– Clone Wars IV (These Buhari Times) (2019)

– Clone Wars V (The Algorithm) (2021)

– Palmwine Music 3 (2022)

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– Can't kill myself Ft Oxlade

– Do Me Nice Ft BNXN


    They both got nominated twice for Headies Awards (2018 and 2019) but didn't get both Awards. However, they are one of Nigeria's best Hip Hop Duo. They were both nominated in two separate categories at the 2023 Headies Awards. See infographic pictures below.


   This info can't be ascertained for real, however the post will be updated as time goes by.


   Clone Wars and Palmwine Music are series of Albums Released by Show Dem Camp through out the years of the duo been together. They comprises of 5 Clone Wars Albums, 4 Palmwine Music Albums and 1 The Dreamers Project Album.


    Afrofusion, Alternative Rap (Hip Hop), Alternative Afrobeat.


    Tec and Ghost (Show Dem Camp), met at a Rap battle and discovered that they both had same stage name "Golden Child". They linked up together and formed the group we now know as Show Dem Camp (SDC). Before SDC, they went by other names as follows, Loose Cannonz, BlackBoysDown, Third Eye Renegades respectively before ending up with Show Dem Camp.


    Show Dem Camp's journey from a small duo in Lagos to becoming trailblazers of Afrobeat and Afrofusion music is nothing short of inspiring. Their dedication to pushing the boundaries of creativity and celebrating their African heritage has earned them a special place in the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide. 

   As they continue to make waves, Tec and Ghost's legacy will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the Nigerian Hip Hop music industry and inspire the next generation of artists to find their unique voice.

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