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Banigo Apiafi Treasure (Born In 2002), popularly known by her stage name, Lifesize Teddy, is an upcoming Nigerian Female Rapper, Singer, Songwriter and Mavin Records Signee. Having Signed into Mavin Records, we can't wait but see what she has to offer. She comes up as the latest Signee to join the Mavin Crew after Bayanni and also the second Rapper after Ladipoe. In this blog post, we will get to know all about Lifesize Teddy, so you little details about her, before she......of course, Blow!!. Read more Content below.

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Banigo Apiafi Treasure better known as Lifesize Teddy was born in 2002 in Bonny Island Rivers State, South–Southern Nigeria. She started Rapping and singing at a very early age (wonder why they always start at an early age but Most professions don't). She had her primary, secondary and tertiary institution education in her state, Rivers Nigeria.


Lifesize Teddy developed interest in Hip Hop (Rap) from an early age. She got inspiration from popular Rappers like Kanye WestJay Z and them Nigga Likes (Tryna make the article sound Hip Hopy).

    In Early 2023, Around July/August, Lifesize Teddy got a record label deal with Mavin Records, Music Record label, owned by one of Afrobeat Industry Top Daddy, Don Jazzy. She joined the Label after completing the Label Academy program which trains and prepare an Artist on how to be a good Musician (no wonder Mavin Records produce such good Singers and Rappers). 

    In 2023, Lifesize Teddy dropped her debut EP titled Lifesize Teddy. The EP contained 5 tracks which are listed as follows; Air, Hypnotic, Butterfly, John Wick and Prophecy. She was made known to the whole world as usual, by Don Jazzy on his Social media handles. We haven't gotten a taste of Lifesize Teddy yet, however we do hope she can deliver in the Afrobeat Hip Hop industry, cos e choke no be small. We now move to other details concerning her.

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   Lifesize Teddy currently has a single debut studio EP titled Lifesize Teddy. The EP contains 5 tracks which will be outlined below.

1. Air

2. Hypnotic

3. Butterfly

4. John Wick

5. Prophecy


    According to sources, she is currently worth about $40,000–$50,000. However, since things change quickly for all em celebrities, we can't confirm this Information for sure, I will however, do credible research to Know more about the Rappers Net Worth.

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   Afro Hip Hop, Afrobeat, Afro Trap


Instagram: @lifesize_teddy

Twitter: @lifesize_teddy_

YouTube channel: LIFESIZE TEDDY


   Don Jazzy, Mavin Records, Mavin All Stars.


   DYK that Lifesize Teddy is the second Rapper Signed to Mavin Records after Ladipoe. Meaning so far, they have been more singers signed into Mavin Records than Rappers. And she is the first "Female" Rapper to get signed into Mavin Records, quite a record huh. Well now You know.


    All we gotta do now, is hope for the best for the upcoming Female Rapper. We wish her the best best in her career as a Musician, and pray that her Star shine bright like a diamond..... wait what.

     Thanks for reading my blog post, please make your comments in the comments section and drop your thoughts on this upcoming Female Rapper. Click on other interesting posts and enjoy.

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