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Olajide Olayinka Williams "JJ" Olatunji, popularly known by the name KSI (formerly known as KSIolajide BT), is a popular British YouTuber, Rapper, Boxer and Business Man. He is a co-founder and member of British YouTube group known as The Sidemen. In this blog Article, we will take a look at his biography, at the same time looking at his numerous talents, careers, business lines and more. Read Full post below.

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    KSI was born on the 19th of June, 1993 in London and was brought up together with his siblings in Watford, Hertfordshire. KSI has a Nigerian Ancestry background, he and his parents are a from The Yoruba Ethnic Group in Nigeria, his parents were Nigerian Imigrants.

   Talking about His Education, KSI was educated at Berkhamsted school in Berkhamsted. We now move to his career as a YouTuber, Musician (Rapper), boxer and business man.


KSI's journey to stardom began in his teenage years when he created his YouTube channel in 2009. Starting with videos related to video games, he quickly gained attention for his humorous commentary, energetic persona, and gaming skills.

    His early content mainly centered around the popular video game "FIFA," and his entertaining commentary made him stand out in the saturated YouTube gaming community (the game streaming community is quite a hard one if you ask me).



KSI's ambitions didn't stop at gaming. In 2015, he began venturing into music, releasing his debut single "Lamborghini" featuring British Grime MC, P Money, on March 23, under Dcypha Productions, which quickly went viral. This marked the start of his dual-career path as both a YouTuber and a musician. His music journey saw him collaborating with various artists, consistently garnering millions of views on his music videos.

    He released his "Keep Up" EP on the 8th of January 2016, this time through island Records. He released his second EP titled "Jump Around" on 28th October 2016. On the 6th of October 2017, KSI released his controversial EP titled "DissTracktions" hehehehe. The EP contained Diss tracks aimed at Fellow sidemen members, W2S and Belizinga.

    KSI released his debut studio Album titled "Dissimulation" on the 22nd of May, 2020 under RBC Records and BMG. The Album had chart topping tracks like "Cap" ft Offset and "Killa Killa" ft Aiyana–Lee. On the 16th of July, 2021, KSI released his second studio Album titled "All Over The Place". The Album had hits like "Really Love" ft Craig David and Digital Farm Animals, "Don't Play" featuring Annie–Marrie and Digital Farm Animals, "Patience" ft Yungblud and Polo G. So far we can say KSI has gone far in his career as a Musician, talent overload.


Dissimulation (2020)

All Over The Place (2021)


– Lamborghini

– Cap ft Offset

– Killa Killa ft Aiyana–Lee

– Really Love ft Craig David and Digital Farm Animals

– Don't Play featuring Annie–Marrie and Digital Farm Animals

– Patience ft Yungblud and Polo G

– Down Like That featuring Rick Ross, Lil Baby and S–X

– Holiday

....and many more


   Below are various Music labels KSI has worked with.

Atlantic Records, Warner Music Group, RBC/BMG, Island, Dcypha.


   KSI can sing and Rap in the following genres; British Hip Hop, Trap, Pop, Garage, Grime.


KSI's most surprising and transformative move was his entry into the world of boxing. In 2018, he participated in a highly-publicized amateur boxing match against fellow YouTuber Joe Weller, which he won. This victory set the stage for even bigger events. KSI went on to have two highly-publicized boxing matches against another YouTuber, Logan Paul. The first match, held in 2018, ended in a draw, while KSI emerged victorious in their 2019 rematch. These boxing matches not only showcased his determination and athleticism but also expanded his influence beyond the digital world (you gotta stay active in order to be relevant in the industry bruh, stay woke, you go broke).

     So far, KSI has been in the ring with boxers like Joe Weller (won by KSI by way of technical knock out), Logan Paul (ended as a majority draw), Logan Paul rematch (KSI won via split decision), Swarmz (KSI won by Knock out), Alcaraz Pineda (won by KSI via Knock out), Temperr (KSI won by Knock out), Fourier (won at first by KSI at first but ruled as a no contest by Professional Boxing Association, after replays showed an illegal blow from KSI), Fury (not much info).....and many others.


KSI is part of the Popular British YouTube group known as The Sidemen. So far, the group has spawned a number of Merchandises such as A Vodka brand called XIX Vodka, a restaurant chain known as Sides, a Subscription service (launched in 2021) known as Side+, also the group operate a Sports Drink Merchandise known as Prime Hydration. The group is one of the largest YouTube Content creators group in England.


   Below are Awards achieved by KSI.

1. Silver YouTube Plaque for 100,000 Subscribers (2011, 2012)

2. Gold YouTube Plaque for 1,000,000 subscribers (2012,2013)

3. Platinum YouTube Plaque for 10,000,000 subscribers (2015,2020).

4. His song "Down Like That" featuring Rick Ross, Lil Baby and S–X got a BPI Silver certification for 200,000 units sales in the country.

5. His song "Houdini" ft Swarmz and Tion Wayne received a Silver certification from the BPI.

6. KSI' debut studio Album, titled "Dissimulation" was certified Gold by the BPI for 100,000 units sales in the country.

7. His song "Don't Play" received Platinum certification from the BPI.

8. KSI' second studio Album "All Over The Place" received a Gold certification from the BPI for surpassing 100,000 sales.


    KSI was estimated to earn £12 Million Euros per year as of 2020. Calculating it won't be very correct, however, you can visit Wikipedia to know more.


   Below are some interesting Fun Facts you never knew about KSI.

1. KSI has so many business ventures, apart from YouTube Content creation. Some of them are him being the CEO of Misfits Boxing, co-owner of Prime Hydration (a sports drink company), XIX Vodka and a Restaurant Chain known as Sides.

2. KSI stands for Knowledge, Strength and Integrity.

3. DYK that KSI is a school drop out, he dropped out of sixth form in college to pursue his YouTube career after he discovered he was earning and doing well in it. His parents didn't approve at first but gave in later on.

4. KSI has about 2 YouTube channels with over 10 Billion Views combined.

5. KSI has collaborated with various Bodies to release two mobile (Android and iOS) video games which are "KSI Unleashed" (2016) and "BoxTuber" (2018) respectively.

6. DYK that KSI revealed that he is Agnostic.

7. KSI is an Arsenal FC fan.


Laid In America (2016)

KSI: Can't Loose (documentary) (2018)

KSI: In Real Life (documentary) (2023)


Twitter: @KSI (7 Million+ followers)

Instagram: @KSI (12 Million+ followers)

Facebook: @KSI (5 Million+ followers)

Website: shopksi.com

YouTube Channels: KSI and KSIOlajidebtHD with over 28 Million Subscribers and Over 10 Billion Views.


In the span of just over a decade, KSI has evolved from a young gamer uploading videos from his bedroom to a global influencer with an empire spanning multiple industries. His journey showcases the power of the digital age and the potential for individuals to build careers, businesses, and even change lives through online platforms. 

   With an ever-growing fan base and his finger on the pulse of pop culture, KSI's legacy is bound to continue shaping the world of entertainment and beyond. From his biography, we learn that we can use the media positively to showcase our hidden talent and even get paid for it, don't scroll on Social media all day long guys, the internet is making millionaires.

    Thanks for reading my blog, please make your comments in the comment section and drop your thoughts on KSI, also, drop your favorite songs, boxing matches, Favorite YouTube moments from KSI in the comments section and read more engaging posts below.

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