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Daniel Nwosu popularly known by his stage name Dax, is a Nigerian-Canadian Rapper, Trapper and Songwriter. He does his music dependently without belonging to a record label and have a very massive YouTube Subscribers base. In this Article, we will take a look at the biography of Dax, his career as a musician, his net worth, his most popular songs and other details. Read more post content below.

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   Dax was born Daniel Nwosu on the 22nd Of March 1994, at the St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. He hails from Canada and Has a Nigerian Background.

  Dax grew up in Ottawa in a Nigerian house hold, both parents were Nigerian Imigrants. He also lived In other places while growing up. For his education, Dax attended the Newman University where he got his inspiration for rapping because he stated that working as a Janitor helped him with his hobby which is rapping.

   Dax will later go on to kick start his music career. We now move to his career as a rapper.


   His career or should I say his love for rap began after he created a short poem for his basketball team while on a bus in 2016. After that incident, Dax began developing his skills to get better in rapping after discovering he has the talent for putting words together.

   He started off by doing popular rap songs remix from popular rap Artistes like Snoop Dogg, Eminem and others. He also did mixtapes which he uploaded to his SoundCloud account. All through his career (up to the time this post was written), he wasn't signed to a record label, meaning he achieved his feet independently. More content below.

  According to Wikipedia, He got popular after releasing his song, Cash Me Outside featuring Danielle Bregoli. He started his career fully with his debut studio EP titled It's Different Now in August 2018. The EP featured some of his industry colleagues. In 2019, he also headlined his It's Different Now Tour in October 2019 which held Across the United States of America and Canada respectively.

   In 2020, Dax released his second studio EP which he titled I'll Say It For You. The EP was a success and contained 7 tracks. The EP has popular Track like the Controversial Dear God and more.

   In 2022, Dax released his debut studio Album titled Pain Paints and Paintings. The Album also had good tracks and was a success. So far so good, Dax has released over 60 songs with remixes and mixtapes of popular rap songs by other Rap (Hip Hop) Artistes.

   Despite being in the Music industry for a few years, Dax have already made a significant impact. He has amassed a large following on social media, with over 5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, over 1 million followers on Instagram and over 5 million followers on Facebook. We do wish him more heights in the ever growing and ever Changing Hip Hop Music industry. It's Dax. 

    His introspective lyrics resonate with listeners, offering comfort to those facing similar challenges while encouraging them to confront Their own realities. Dax's talents extends beyond rapping. He is also a skilled Songwriter, director and actor. In his music videos, he takes on various roles, bringing his lyrics to life with captivating visuals.

    His growing popularity on YouTube caught the attention of major Artistes and collaborators. He went on to work with prominent names in the industry alongside fellow YouTube rappers.We now go to other details about him.


  So far, Dax has two EPs and one Album which are:

It's Different Now EP (2018)

I'll Say It For You EP (2020)

Pain Paints and Paintings Album (2022)


   As stated above, Dax is Hip Hop rapper solely. But you can sense Gospel worship vibes and trap like tunes in his songs. So we can call Dax a rapper, a trapper and a Gospel worship singer I some kind of a way.


   As at the time of writing this post, there is no record of any Awards given to Dax yet but he has gained some recognitions and achievements on his own. Such as

1. Dear Alcohol got 50 Million streams on Spotify and he was given a Plaque. The video to the song also had same number of views on his YouTube channel.

2. In April 2023, Dax amassed a total of 1 Billion All time YouTube Streams.

3. He has about 1 million Instagram followers, Over 5 million YouTube subscribers and over 5 million Facebook followers as at the time this post was written.

4. On the 7th of August 2023, Dax celebrated reaching 6 Million followers on Facebook.

Dax celebrating reaching 6 Million Facebook followers


  As at the Time of writing this post, his net worth isn't known yet. But Dax makes his money out of his music streams and YouTube channel in case you are wondering. However, the post will be updated as time goes on.


Facebook: Dax

Instagram: thatsdax


   Here are some interesting fun facts and hobbies about Dax.

1. He is A Nigerian by Origin and African by Race but was born and brought up a Canadian.

2. Apart from Rapping, Dax is a basketball player, he have been playing since his teenage years.

3. He also did a short Music cover for Cameroonian Singer Libianca's song, People.

4. Dax stated that his music can be compared or have a similarity to the likes of Eminem, Tech 9ine and Hopsin.


   Here are some popular songs from Dax.

Dear God

Child Of God


Dear Alcohol



Book of Revelation

My Heart Hurts

To be a man

She Cheated Again

My last words

...... And many more. You can visit Trendybeatz.com to download Dax' songs or better still, stream them on any music platform you are on.


  Dax is one of the top versatile and good rap God's of our time. He is fast, has good lyrics to his songs and overall, he is good. We wish the lad more heights in the industry and pray that he remains a Child Of God.

    As he continues to evolve as an artist, one thing remains constant. Dax's commitment to using his platform for positive changes whether through his introspective lyrics, compelling visuals or charitable endeavors, Dax Is a force of good, proving that the impact of Music extends for Beyond entertainment.

  Thanks for reading my blog, make your comments in the comment section and drop your thoughts.


Q. What is Dax Rap Genre?

A. Dax can be called a rapper, trapper and a Gospel Artiste in some way.

Q. How many Awards has Dax won?

A. At the time of writing this post, Dax hasn't won any "recognisable" Awards yet, but he has received plaques from different online Music/video platforms and other recognitions.

Q. Who is Dax Wife?

A. As at the time of writing this, Dax isn't married yet.

Q. What is Dax Net Worth?

A. His Net Worth isn't known for now, but we know he makes his money from his YouTube channel and streaming platforms he his on.

Q. Dax Parents Biography?

A. We don't know much about Dax' parents biography, but we know there are Nigerian Imigrants.

Q. How old is Dax?

A. As at now, Dax is 29 years old.

Q. Where is Dax from in Nigeria?

A. This will be updated soon, but we know he hails from Eastern Nigeria.


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