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Ndumiso Mdletshe and Sphelele Dunywa popularly known by their stage name Blaq Diamond, is a popular South African Afro POP and Afro Fusion Music Duo (consisting of two members). There are one of the most popular South African Music Duo of recent times. In this article, we will take a look at the Duo's biography and other important information concerning them and their musical career. Read more post content below.

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   Well, no detailed info will be given on separate singers, but you can make do with the information I will provide, so let's go.

   Both singers (Ndumiso and Sphelele AKA Blaq Diamond), were both born in 1994 (actual date not known). The both hail from Ladysmith Kwazulu–Natal Area in South Africa. They grew up as friends and attended same high school. The Duo fell in love with music and decided to choose Music as their career.

    They started their music career reportedly in 2010 and since then, they have struggled and gained prominence recently In the music industry and winning several Awards and nominations. We now go to their career as singers/Musicians.



   According to reports, they met themselves during a school musical trip in 2010 and since then, have been together, pursuing their music career. They didn't get much recognition at first (which is bound to happen to all upcoming Artiste) but later on, got to see the spotlight.

   They started Music in 2010, after they met, they relocated to Johannesburg and started the humble beginning style of Life to pursue their dreams (of cause life in the city ain't easy).

   However, the Duo (Blaq Diamond), got lucky and got Signed Into Record label deal with a label called Ambitiouz Entertainment in 2017 and this will be the start of their fame and glory as Musicians. Under this particular Record label, they released their debut studio Album titled Inqola. The Album was a success and it pushed their musical Career to another level.

    In 2019, Blaq Diamond released their second studio Album titled Umuthi. The Album was also a success just like the former. The Umuthi Album had good memorable tracks like Memeza, Love Letter, Ibhanoyi and others. The Album featured other South African Artistes like Sjava, Ci Ci, Thee Legacy and more. The Album also topped charts on iTunes.

    Blaq Diamond went on to make and release more musical projects. Their song SummerYomuthi (which is one of the most popular songs from them), received 8 nominations at the 6th Ceremony of the All Africa Music Awards. You can see full details of this on Wikipedia.

   We wish the Duo more heights in the ever growing Music industry both local and international. We love you Blaq Diamond. We now go to other important information concerning the Duo.


   So far, Blaq Diamond have released two studio Albums which are

Inqola 2017

Umuthi 2019.


    Here are some popular songs from the Duo



Love Letter

Woza My Love


.....and more

You can download more of Blaq Diamond songs, when you visit


    The Duo were formerly Signed to Ambitiouz Entertainment  Record label in 2017, but got out of Ambitiouz Entertainment in 2021 after completing their record label deal session.


   So far, since their career blossomed, Blaq Diamond have received a lot of Awards and recognitions including 4 SAMA (South African Music Awards), 8 AFRIMA Nominations and more. You can view all on Wikipedia.


   You can follow them on their various social media handles which are:

Instagram: @blaqdiamond150 

Twitter: @BlaqDiamond


The Duo were both given birth to in 1994, making them 29 years as at the time of writing this post (2023)


The Duo Ndumiso and Sphelele both come from Ladysmith Kwazulu Natal Area of South Africa.


   Here are some interesting fun facts about Blaq Diamond you need to Know

1. They have won 4 SAMA Awards

2. They have received 8 Afrima Nominations

3. They both come from the same place in South Africa.


   Blaq Diamond have come to stay and this Duo are serving us hot bangers to vibe to, most especially love songs. We wish them more heights in the music industry.

    Thanks for reading my blog, make your comments in the comment section and drop your thoughts.

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