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       Olawale oloforo (Born Oluwale Ibrahim Ashimi) popularly known by his stage name Brymo, is a Nigerian singer, actor, songwriter, stage performer and an author. He was born on 9 May 1986 (37 years old)  and started doing music at a young and tender age of 13. More posts content below. 



     Brymo was born and raised up in the community of okokomaiko, ojo, Lagos state. Brymo's father was a carpenter and his mother, a petty trader.  He has no siblings because he was an only child

     He attended Aganju Aka primary school and had interest in playing football (most African children had this dream), though he later ventured into music. Brymo attended Lagos state university (LASU) where he studied Zoology but couldn't complete his years as he left school the second year to pursue his heart desire (Music). 


    Brymo (as stated above), started music at a very tender age. In 1999, when he was just 13, he released a song tilted future. His breakthrough Album (also a debut album) titled Brymstone was released in 2007 and went on to sell over 2,000 copies within few months of release. In 2010, he singed up and joined Chocolate City Record label.

    Brymo released his second studio Album titled Son of Kapenta and was released on the 15th of November 2012. It featured popular songs from Brymo such as Ara. The Album also featured Top artists like M.I, Ice Prince and lots more. The Album was followed by a single track titled Good Morning. Brymo will later state that his father's profession as a carpenter, motivated him to use Son of Kapenta as the Album title. Though the Album did not perform well in monetary aspects, it had good vibes from it.

     On the 20th of October 2013, Brymo Released his third studio Album titled Merchants, Dealers and slaves. The Album had popular songs like Down (Album lead single), which was dedicated to his family and country people. His song Eko was also a musical phenomenon as it was received with positive Reviews and Vibes from Audience.

    Brymo's fourth studio Album Tabula Rasa, came as a result of a dispute which will lead to the Album's title and Brymo, leaving Chocolate City Record Label. The Album's Title, Tabula Rasa, was gotten from a judge in court during the Chocolate City Record label dispute. Brymo stated that, the judge used it in his speeches (funny right). Popular songs from the Album include, Fe mi, 1 pound and many others.

      On December 8, 2015, Brymo released a compilation Album titled Trance containing eight tracks taken from the Albums, Merchants, Dealers & slaves and Tabula Rasa. The Album was particularly targeted at American Audience since the tracks are well known in his father land.


    Brymo had some dispute with his record label bosses (chocolate city). According to sources, the dispute started after Brymo refused to remove an inappropriate picture on Instagram, as it could damage his career and record label also. The both parties experienced ups and downs and finally, Brymo left the Record label. More of that on 


      Brymo released his fifth studio Album titled klitoris on May 9, 2016. Popular songs from the Album included Memories, Naked and lots more. Though the Album title might sound somehow deceptive and not appealing, it is actually a Greek word for Key according to Brymo.

      His sixth studio Album titled Oso was released on 27 March 2018, and had 11 tracks. A popular track titled Heya from the Album, made a quite of negative buzz from the audience as Brymo was seen in the video of the song dressing half naked. However, he stated that he did it to show how his forefathers dressed before civilization (quite a guy right).

      His seventh studio Album Yellow, was released on the 1st of April 2020. The Album was focused on the different perils of life such as love, mental health, material things, politics and others.

    On 27th of May 2022, Brymo released his Album Number eight titled Theta with vocals support from Artiste in his genre and style of songs.


Please Note: All Album info was taken from Wikipedia, so, i am giving them credit for it. In case you want more detailed info, visit 


    Putting everything together, Brymo has released a total of Eight Albums which are;

1. Brymstone
2. Son of kapenta
3. Merchants, Dealers and Slaves
4. Tabula Rasa
5. Klitoris
6. Oso
7. Yellow
8. Theta


   Brymo sings in many music genres. Some of them are; Yoruba music, alternative rock, R&B, folk, soul, pop and of course, the Almighty Afrobeat.


      Of course judging from what you have read so far, you will know this guy has many controversies to his name. But, the most recent (apart from the afro mentioned), is him making a mockery of the Igbo people, as he said no Igbo candidate can win an election in the 2023 Nigerian Presidential Election run and beyond, using offensive words. Of course, it wasn't taken likely from him, as he was slammed on social media and was signed a petition by 8,000 people for him not to win any category of awards in the 8th annual All Africa Music Awards (Afrima).


    At the time of writing this post, Brymo is said to be with about 1-3 million United States Dollars.


     You can follow Brymo on his Instagram Handle, which is "Brymolawale".



     Brymo featured in the Ebony Life TV and Netflix movie titled "Elesin Oba: The Kings Horseman" which was released in 2022. He acted as a praise singer to the King's Horseman (Odunlade Adekoya). The movie is based on the book by prolific writer, Sole Soyinka which is also based on a real life story.


      As stated above, Brymo is an only child and son to his parents. No record or info of other family members is available. However, he has a son whom he posted on his Instagram handle some years back.


      Brymo is really a talented musician as his style of music cuts across most music genres, which is a thing to admire in musicians. It shows that an artiste is versatile and can deliver at any time.





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