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Joseph Olaitan Adenuga Jr, Popularly known by his stage name, Skepta, is a popular British Grime MC, Rapper and Record Producer. He is Popularly known as a participant in the acclaimed Biggest Clash in Grime History, between him and Fellow MC, Devilman for the video Release of "Lord Of The Mics 2" grime challenge. In this biographical post, we will take a look at the Biography of Popular British Grime MC and Rapper, Skepta. Read more post content below.

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Skepta was born on the 19th Of September, 1982 to Nigerian parents in Tottenham, North London. He comes from a Home of 6, including his 3 siblings and parents who were Yoruba (Father) and Igbo (Mother) by Tribe. Skepta had 3 siblings, his Brother and fellow Musician, JME, his sister, Julie who is a Radio Presenter and his brother, Jason, who is a Graphic Designer.

Little information is known about Skepta's Education. More information on this later on.

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Skepta has Achieved a lot in his career as a Grime MC, Rapper and Record Producer. However, to save your reading time, I'll go straight to the Point and drop details to his projects, including his studio Albums, Mixtapes, Grime Challenges and others.

He and his brother, where members of Roll Deep for sometime before leaving and founding their own group known as Boy Better Know in 2006. Forming this band, started his career. Under Boy Better Know, Skepta clashed with fellow Grime MC, Devilman for the DVD which became the biggest clashes in Grime History.

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Under Boy Better Know, Skepta Released his debut Mixtape titled "Joseph Junior Adenuga" after his name and Released his debut studio Album, "Greatest Hits" in 2007, Under his label, Boy Better Know. He also Released his second Album "Microphone Champion" in 2009, independently under Boy Better Know. Skepta Released his third Album titled "Doin' It Again" in 2011 under AATW. In 2016, Skepta Released his fourth studio Album titled "Konnichiwa" which is a Japanese word for Hello in 2016, which spawned then singles "That's Not Me" and "Shutdown". He also won a Mercury Prize for the Album.

In 2018, Skepta Produced and Featured in Asap Rocky's Single, "Praise The Lord (Da Shine)" which became both Artist highest charting single in 2019. Skepta Released his Fifth Album, "Ignorance Is Bliss" and in 2020, Released a collaborative Album with British Rappers, Chip and Young Adz titled "Insomnia".

Some of the Biggest Acts collaborations in his Career includes, DevilmanJme, Chip, Young Adz, Wizkid and more. In 2018, He received a Nigerian Chieftaincy title with his being "Amuludun Of Odo-Aje". At 41 years, Skepta has Achieved a lot of feet in the British Grime and Rap scene and is considered as one of the best Grime MC in England. In 2024, Skepta featured Nigerian Street Pop Artist, Portable, in a song titled "Tony Montana", which climbed up to the top spot on Apple's Music Nigerian Chart within few days of release. 

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– Greatest Hits (2007)

– Microphone Champion (2009)

– Doin'It Again (2011)

– Konnichiwa (2016)

– Ignorance Is Bliss (2019)

– Insomnia with Chip and Young Adz (2020)

A picture of Skepta


– Joseph Junior Adenuga (2006)

– Been There Done That (2010)

– Community Payback (2011)

– Blacklisted (2012)

– The Tim Westwood Mix (2015)

– All In (2021)

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Below are selected Skepta songs.

– Ace Wood Flow (2012)

– Private Caller (2004)

– Praise The Lord (Da Shine) ftd by Asap Rocky (2018)

– That's Not Me (2016)

– Duppy (2006)

– Bullet From A Gun (2019)

– Look Out (2009)

– Energy (Stay Far Away) ft Wizkid (2018)

– Reflecting (2009)

– Rolex Sweep (2009)

– Disguise (2009)

– I Spy (2007)

– Greaze Mode (2019)

– Glow In The Dark (

– Doin' It Again (2007)

....and many more

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Skepta has won several Awards including; 2 Mobo Awards, 2 BET Awards, 1 Mercury Prize, Brit Awards Nominations and Many more.

In 2018, he received a Nigerian Chieftaincy With The title, "Amuludun Of Odo-Aje" which translates to "Chief Entertainer Of Odo-Aje".


Skepta has an estimated Net Worth of about $2 Million United States Dollars. He makes his money off streaming income, tours, Label profits, Nike footwear Collaboration, and many more. You can discover more on his Net Worth when you visit


Instagram: Big Smoke (@skepta)

Twitter (X): Big Smoke (@skepta)

Facebook: Skepta


Skepta is 1.83m tall which is equivalent to 6'2 feet, Making him one of the tallest and well built Rappers in England.


Skepta's Real Name is Joseph Olaitan Adenuga Jr.


The Nike and Skepta line of shoes is a collaboration of shoe series between Nike and Skepta, particularly, the Air Max series. So far since 2017, they have been 5 (five) Nike shoes Released under the Skepta collaboration, which are listed below;

– Nike Air Max 97 SK (2017)

– Nike Air Max 97/BW (2018)

– Nike Air Max Deluxe (2018)

– Nike Shox TL (2019)

– Nike Air Max Tailwind 5 "Bright Blue" (2021)

Want more information regarding this shoes, visit;


A picture of Skepta and Adele.

In 2019, they were online rumors circulating about, of Skepta and Adele Being in a Romantic Relationship. After several trends, gossips and rumors, it was revealed that the two were close friends but weren't in a relationship.


A picture of Jme

Skepta also has a brother who is a Rapper as well, who goes by the name Jme. Jaime Adenuga, Popularly known by his stage name, Jme, is a popular British Rapper and Songwriter. He was a Co-founder and current CEO of Boy Better Know crew and Label alongside his elder brother, Skepta.


A picture of Skepta and his daughter

Skepta has a child, a girl whom he Shows off every now and then on social media, however key details on his daughter Biography isn't known at the moment.


Known as The God Father of Grime, Skepta has grown from a little Rapper to a popular figure in the British Rap scene, winning numerous Awards, Recognitions, and getting different Brand deals. Thumbs up to the Glow In The Dark Crooner.

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Q. How old is Skepta?

A. Skepta is currently 41 years old as at 2023. He was born on the 19th Of September, 1982.

Q. Where is Skepta from?

A. Skepta is from Nigeria but born British.

Q. Who Is Skepta?

A. Skepta is a popular British Grime MC and Rapper.

Q. Where is Skepta from in Nigeria?

A. Skepta is from Ogun State, Western Nigeria.

Q. Skepta is from which country?

A. Skepta has two Nationalities, he's a  Nigerian and A British from England.

Q. How tall is Skepta?

A. Skepta is 6 feet 2 inches tall.

Q. Where does Skepta Live?

A. Skepta is currently based in London, England.

Q. How Much is Skepta worth?

A. Skepta is worth about  $2 Million United States Dollars plus in wealth.

Q. Are Skepta and Jme Brothers?

A. Yes, Skepta and Jme are brothers. Matter of fact, Jme is an immediate Younger brother to Skepta.

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