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Oruh Samuel is a popular Nigerian Ballpoint Pen Artist and 3D High Level Realistic Artist, YouTuber and General Content Creator. He became famous in the early 2020s for his Creative Bluepoint Pen Drawings and Drawing Techniques Videos, which he posts on his YouTube Channel and Tik Tok Handle. In this Straight to the point Biographical post, we will take a look at the Biography of Popular Nigerian Artist, Oruh Samuel. Read more post content below.

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Not much is known about his early Life. However, he was born on the 29th of March, 2005 and hails from Ebonyi State, Eastern Nigeria, Making him Igbo by tribe. At the moment, Oruh Samuel has an SSCE Qualification as he recently graduated from Senior Secondary School in 2023.


Oruh Samuel is a Ballpoint Pen Artist and 3D High Level Realistic Artist. He is also a Vlogger as his YouTube Channel and Tik Tok Handle is flooded with numerous followers and subscribers 

Oruh Samuel started drawing from an early age. However, he took his talent to Social Media in the early 2020s and started showcasing his Artistry Skills to the Whole world. Oruh Samuel makes paintings and Drawings ranging from Celebrities, to Social Media Influencers, trending figures or Topics on Social Media, Football Figures, Caricatures and Many more.

Oruh Samuel also took to Vlogging not stopping at posting pictures of his works alone on social media. He makes YouTube and Tik Tok videos showing his works and giving step by step tutorials on how to make Ballpoint Drawings Using Blue or Black Ink Pen. So far, he has garnered a lot of following on his Social Media Handles and Vlog Channels and Handles.

We wish this lad more heights in the Artistic Industry, more Mula To his Aza, more recognition.

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According to a short interview I had with Oruh Samuel, he stated that he has an estimated Net Worth of about $500. Converting to Naira, that's about N300-N500k Naira.


Oruh Samuel loves to Draw, Sing, Film His Works, editing them and uploading them to his social media handles. This is very much his usual routine in the Matrix.


– YouTube Virtual Awards and Recognitions.

– Influential Artist of the year 2022.

A picture of YouTube recognition for Oruh Samuel for hitting 100k Views


At the moment, Oruh Samuel is single and up For grabs hehehehe.


Facebook: Oruh Samuel

Instagram: Oruh Samuel

Twitter: Oruh Samuel

YouTube: Oruh Samuel

Tik Tok: Oruh Samuel


Taking Social Media to your advantage is a good thing in this digital age and Oruh Samuel has proven what Social Media can help us do and where it can lead us to if we use it wisely.

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Enjoy some Drawings of Oruh Samuel below.

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