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Oakley Neil H.T Caesar-SU, Popularly known by the Moniker, Central Cee is a popular British Rapper from London. He is Popularly known for his hit songs such as "Day In The Life", "Loading", "Doja", "Sprinter with Dave and more. In this Biographical post, we will take a look at the Biography of Popular British Rapper, Central Cee. Read more post Content below.

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Central Cee was born on the 4th of June, 1998 in Ladbroke Grove, London. His mother was Irish and his father having a Chinese and Guyanese Origin according to Wikipedia .

Central Cee's Parents divorced when he was 7 and Cee lived with his Mother alongside his two Younger Brothers and Visited His Father often. Central Cee never completed his Education as he dropped out of school at age 16.


Central Cee started Music way back in 2014. However, he got his Big Break sometime 2019/2020 after switching from Autotune Hip Hop to UK Drill. On the 14th of June 2020, Cee Released his single, "Day In The Life" which became his Break Out single. In that same year, He Released other chart topping singles like "Molly", "Loading" and his 2021 single, 'Commitment Issues".

In March 2021, Central Cee Released his debut Mixtape titled "Wild West" which topped charts like the "UK Albums Chart" at No. 2 and "UK R&B Albums Chart" at No. 1. On the 25th of February, 2022, Central Cee Released his second Mixtape titled "23" which charted Number one on the "UK Albums Chart". On the 21st of July, 2022, Cee Released his hit single titled "Doja" which became Cee's Highest charting song of his career, Making a No. 2 on the "UK Singles Chart".

On the 14th of October 2022, Cee Released his EP titled "No More Leaks". On June 1st 2023, Central Cee and Dave Released the joint Single, "Sprinter" which was the lead single to their Collaborative EP titled "Split Decision". The Track went on to top various charts at it's Release.

So far, Central Cee has worked with Big Names like Dave, Drake, The Kid Laroi, Jungkook and more. He is currently Signed to Columbia Records. He cites Rappers like Kendrick Lamar,J. ColeJay Z and NBA YoungBoy as his biggest Influence in the Rap scene.



– Wild West (2021)

– 23 (2022)


– No More Leaks (2022)

– Split Decision with Dave (2023)


– Doja (2022)

– Loading (2021)

– Commitment Issues (2021)

– Sprinter With Dave (2023)

– Let Go (2022)

– Day In The Life (2021)

– Molly (2020)

– Lil Bro ft Juke Ceaser (2022)

– Too Much With JungKook and The Kid Laroi (2023)

....and many more.

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Central Cee has won numerous Awards including 4 MOBO AwardsBrit Awards nominations, BET Awards Nominations and more. 


Instagram: @centralcee

Facebook: Central Cee

Tik Tok: @centralcee

Website: centralcee.com


Central Cee has an estimated Net Worth of about $5 Million United States Dollars. He makes his income via Record Label Royalties, Streaming Platform Revenues, Modelling Gigs and more.


Central Cee is 25 years old as at 2023. He was born on the 4th of June, 1998.


Central Cee's Real Name is Oakley Neil H.T Ceaser-SU.


Central Cee is 1.77m tall which is about 5.10 feets (5 feets, 10 inches).


Not much is known about Central Cee's parents. However, His mother Rachael Ceaser is an Irish woman and his Father having a Chinese and Guyanese Origin or Ancestry. The couple split when Cent was just 7 years old.


Central Cee has a Brother named Juke Ceaser whom he featured in the track, "Lil Bro" from the 23 Mixtape. He also has a second Brother who's information isn't known much.


Central Cee's Girlfriend is a British Instagram Model and Influencer, known as Madeline Argy. They have been together since September, 2022.


1. Central Cee admitted to selling Drugs to earn money stating "When you're coming from where I'm coming from, everybody from all walks of life, Nine times out of Ten, they had to do that. It's like learning to ride a bike".

2. He is Signed to Live Yours, ADA and Columbia Records.

3. Apart from being a Rapper, Cee is also a Model. He has worked with Big Names like Nike, Jaquemus, JD and more.


From a Lil Nothing to One of Uk's Best Drill Rapper, Central Cee has showed us that you can become whatever you want if you put your heart to it. Nothing To It, But To Do It. 

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Q. How tall is Central Cee?

A. Central Cee is 5 feets 10 inches tall.

Q. Central Cee Race?

A. Central Cee has an Irish, Chinese and Guyanese Origin.

Q. How old is Central Cee?

A. Central Cee is 25 years old as at 2023. He was born on the 4th of June, 1998.

Q. Is Central Cee Black?

A. No Central Cee isn't Black.

Q. Is Central Cee Muslim?

A. No Central Cee hasn't disclosed his Religion yet, However fans believe he is a Muslim.

Q. Where is Central Cee from?

A. Central Cee is From England.

Q. Who is Central Cee Dating?

A. As at the time of writing this post, Central Cee is dating British Influencer and Tik Toker, Madeline Argy.

Q. Who is Central Cee?

A. Central Cee is a British Rapper and Model.

Q. What is Central Cee Real Name?

A. Central Cee's Real Name is Oakley Neil H.T Ceaser-SU.

Q. What Ethnicity is Central Cee?

A. Central Cee has an Irish, Chinese and Guyanese Origin.

Q. Who is Central Cee Signed to?

A. At the moment, Central Cee is Signed to Live Yours, ADA and Columbia Records respectively.

Q. What is Central Cee Nationality?

A. Central Cee hails from England.

Q. Where does Central Cee live?

A. Central Cee is based in London.

Q. Where is Central Cee Parents from?

A. Central Cee's Mother is an Irish Woman and his father was a Chinese/Guyanese Man.

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