Sacrifices Afrobeat Artists Make In The Music Industry


In Nigeria, once we hear the word Sacrifice, we immediately think of the human offering or negative aspect of it. We take our thinking straight to the practices of occultic activities and the likes. Yes for sure, some of your A List celebrities, do engage in all these occultic activities, that's a fact that we all know. 

   However, looking at Non negative aspect of sacrifice in becoming and being a celebrity (most especially Afrobeat Industry), is something to that should be paid more attention and Appreciation to also. In this entertaining blog post, we will take a look at some of the sacrifices Afrobeat singers go through to give us hits back to back.

A picture of some top Afrobeat Artists of the generation


    They are a lot of sacrifices made by Afrobeat Artists and Global Artists in a whole, however, we will touch Down on some of the most important ones.


We all have been through writing, from Essays to letters to Job application letters and many more others forms of writing. We all know how tough writing can be, as a blogger, I know myself also. But, when it comes to Music writing, you have to give it your all. First of all, forming Music notes or rythms isn't an easy thing to do, you first of all, brainstorm sounds that are unique and won't have been heard before, which we all know as tuning, so that whenever a music plays, the singers name pops up In a person's head.

    Then writing song lyrics come in. Musicians go through the stress of writing lyrics, not just words, but rhyming words, going with the flow of the song's tune and correlating with what the song is about. Though, some Afrobeat singers buy songs, they do so by spending money on acquiring these songs. We haven't taken the time to think about how much songs are bought or how much Songwriters make either, We can Ask The Likes of Peruzzi. Sadly in Nigeria, we are only there for the Gbas Gbos beats and not the lyrics.


Now, this is the process of making the songs you enjoy. From making Beats, t singing, auto tuning (which is not very Original of singers to do), employing back up singers, paying the Music Producers of cause is another thing and many more things to consider in this aspect.

Imagine if it's a full Album, imagine the amount of money spent in hiring back up singers, paying Songwriters, paying Music Producers and all that. All the afro mentioned can be very vital in this aspect, but the most important is the singer's voice, his tuning, increase and dropping of notes as the songs progresses and all that. What if after all this investment, the song's sounds come out crappy, we all know one or two Music with nice beats and nonsense voice, or bad lyrics and all that.


After Music Production, promotion comes into play. In this digital age, streaming platforms have become a necessity. Thanks to Streaming platforms, people can get access to Music easier and at the same time, promoting it according to number of times played by streaming platform users.

  The main problem then in this aspect, is the competition from other Artists, which is a norm in every industry. Stay woke, you go broke. From big names like Spotify to Apple Music, to SoundCloud, Boomplay and the rest, Music streaming has come to and help in Music promotion.


After all the afro mentioned steps, making videos to Music/or a music is a necessity. Celebrities go through the sacrifice of looking for a good video director and Producer, pay them an agreed sum of money, to make sure the music video is top notch. We all have heard how much Producers and directors charge from the likes of Celebrity director, TG Omori, and the rest. 

  Then again, we talk about making this music video go viral on the internet, physical media, and globally. This can also be a challenge of a music is popular and the video is not Popular, worst still if the both (Audio/Video) are bad or didn't perform well. We All know best Music Videos do win Awards  in different Music Awards ceremonies, like the Headies.


5. Staying Relevant.

6. Keeping Watch of Actions (To avoid tormentors like Daniel Regha).

7. Unending Efforts to make more Hits.

8. Collaborations with other Artists (funds come in handy in this aspect).

9. Ability to maintain a strong and loving Fan Base, because Fans are the Back bone of every Celebrity.

.....and Many more.


We all know sacrifices are part of everyday life. As humans, we are bound to make sacrifices and every point in Time, what matters is the reason for the sacrifice, also the type of sacrifice, be it Kanayo O Kanayo kind of moves or the positive aspect of it.

Thanks for reading my blog, please make your comments in the comments section and drop your thoughts on the topic of this post.

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