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Uzoanuke Michael Charles Okechukwu Popularly known by the name OGB Recent, is a popular Nigerian Comedian, Singer and Skit Maker. He is Popularly known for his very hilarious skits, portraying himself as a Cultist (Member of a secret cult). 

He is also known for his usual Green Button Up Short Sleeve Shirt and a Reoccurring Catch Phrase "Abi You Won Collect". In this biographical post, we will take a look at the Biography of Popular Nigerian Comedian, OGB Recent. Read more post content below.

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OGB Recent was born on the 2nd of September, 1997 in Kogi State, Middle-Belt Nigeria. The young lad however, hails from Ebonyi State, Eastern Nigeria. 

   For his education, it is stated that OGB Recent had his Primary and Secondary School Education while in Kogi State. For his tertiary institution Education, Carmart.ng reported OGB Recent to be a Computer Science student in an undisclosed University.

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OGB Recent has always had a Nack for Comedy from his early years up to his time in the University. However, OGB Recent took to Skit Making sometime 2021 and got his Big Break in 2022.

    He started off by imitating his Role Model, BrainJotter and infusing some elements of BrainJotterinto his own Creativity (I'm sure you can see the resemblance now), from copying BrainJotter's Dress Code, to his Low and Crooked Voice and his Non smiling Face.

    OGB Recent adapted few of his own Creativity such as the Catch Phrase "Abi You Won Collect" and calling himself a Cultist in all of his Skits, whilst putting on a Green Button Up Short Sleeve Shirt with Random writings as seen on his pictures and Skits. Within a matter of time, OGB Recent's fan base grew and he became more popular for his crafts.

    OGB Recent did not stop at Comedy alone, he also works as an MC and a Musician. The young lad took to music releasing hit tracks like "30BG Anthem" (Dedicated to his favorite musician, Davido), "You Won Collect", "Garri" and others. OGB Recent has shown that Copying from your role model and making something out of them, makes you something if you put your heart to it. Above all, creativity is the King in Content Creation. 

   So far, OGB Recent has collaborated in comedy Skits with the likes of Mr Macaroni, BrainJotter, Nedu WazobiaCute Abiola, Sarkin Dariya and Many More comrades in hi field.

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OGB Recent picture


– 30GB Anthem

– You Won Collect

– Garri


OGB Recent has an estimated Net Worth of about $50k-100k Dollars. He makes his money off Monetization of his social media handles, Ambassador deals, sponsored promotions for Brands and Working as a Master Of Ceremony (MC).


Instagram: @ogb_recent (503k+ followers)

Twitter: @Ogb_Recent (33.8k+ followers)

Facebook: OGB Recent (147k+ followers)

YouTube: Real OGB Recent (153k+ Subscribers)

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OGB Recent is 26 years as at 2023.


In March 2022, OGB Recent gifted himself a Mercedes Benz GLE. This is one of his two cars, information regarding the second car isn't known.

OGB Recent standing close to his Cars


OGB Recent Real Name is Uzoanuke Michael Charles Okechukwu.


OGB Recent is of the Igbo Tribe found In Eastern Nigerian States, particularly Ebonyi State.


Content Creation is taking over and OGB Recent has made a name for himself in the industry. No do any how near Cultist or else you go Collect. Hehehehe.

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Q. Where is OGB Recent from?

A. OGB Recent is from Ebonyi State Eastern Nigeria.

Q. How old is OGB Recent?

A. 26 years old as at 2023.

Q. Who is OGB Recent?

A. OGB Recent is a popular Nigerian Comedian, Singer and MC.

Q. OGB Recent State Of Origin?

A. OGB Recent comes from Ebonyi State Eastern Nigeria.

Q. How much is OGB Recent Net Worth

A. OGB has an estimated Net Worth of about $50k-100k Dollars.

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