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Egungwu Chukwuka Benjamin Popularly known as Chukaben, is an Igbo-born journalist, media personality, and blogger. He is one of the top growing Journalist in the Online space and beyond. In this short but straight to the point Biographical post, we will take a look at the Biography of Popular Journalist and Blogger, Egungwu Chukwuka Benjamin. Read more post Content below.

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He hails from Awgu Local Government Area of Enugu State; born in in Ile-Ife, Osun State, Western Nigeria.

He had his primary and junior secondary  education at Baptist High School, Uwani, Enugu and His senior secondary education in N.K.S.T Secondary School, Adikpo, Kwande L.G.A, Benue State. 

His Higher Education records show that he obtained a National Diploma in Mass Communication from the Ogun State Institute of Technology now known as ' Gateway ICT Polytechnic, Saapade, in 2016. He proceeded to his Higher National Diploma at the The Polytechnic Ijebu-igbo now, ' Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic, Ijebu-igbo, Ogun State.

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Egungwu Chukwuka Benjamin who is fondly called Chukaben by his peers,  is a former reporter at Champions Newspaper,  a co-founder of the Reliant News where he currently serves as a chief-editor for entertainment beat. 

Aside his passion for journalism, he has great interest in music and has  made several unprofessional attempts at making music.

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Egungwu Chukwuka Benjamin Started free blogging in 2018, while Still in school with the sub-domain "", with the intension of keeping himself busy during weekends, when there are no lectures. 

In 2022, During their National Youth Service (NYSC), he started blogging professionally with his best friend, Chukwu Sunday Abel, (a writer and the winner of Creator of Justice Literary Award First Prize in 2020), with new domain "" as stated above.

Both friends met in Ogun State Institute Of Technology, now known as ' Gateway ICT Polytechnic, Saapade. They were studying same course and were roommates.

After graduation their relationship with one another were still strong just like when they were in school. People thought both were siblings though from same state of origin but from different town.

Chukaben Will later go on to become an expert in the internet entertainment field and journalism Over all. He hopes to become a very well known Blogger and Social Media Personality as time unravels.


Journalism is one of the most respected profession in the world, especially in this digital age, Egungwu Chukwuka Benjamin has shown such love for his career, not settling for just a Newspaper Editor, or reporter but also a blogger, to reach a wider Audience. We at Afrobeatbio wish him more success in his Career choices, including the Blogosphere.

Thanks for reading my blog post, please make your comments in the comments section and drop your thoughts on the impact of Journalism in Today's world, including the Internet medium. Click on other interesting posts below and enjoy yourself.

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