Is Victony A Cultist? See Speculations


Anthony Ebuka Victor (born 5th of January 2001), popularly known by his stage name Victony, is a Nigerian singer, Songwriter and Trapper. He became popular after featuring in Mayorkun's song, Holy Father. Some of his popular songs Are Soweto and it's remix with Rema, Don Toliver and Omah Lay. In this post, we will look at Speculations that says or asks if Victony is a Cultist. Read more Post content Below.

NOTE: Information on this post, is all about Speculations and no real fact have been proven yet, there are just "Speculations". First of all,


A Secret Cult or Society is an organization whose activities, events, inner functioning, or membership, are concealed. In Nigeria, once we here secret society, Cultism comes to mind. We consider them to be of evil practices, of course since they are secretive in all their dealings. Having known that, let's move to the Speculations on how Victony can be a cult suspect. 

NB! All points rasied here are Speculations for you to drop your thoughts later on in the comments section.


Well, the Speculations surrounding this is the fact that, Victony has a Tattoo on his Right Arm that somewhat looks like an Anchor, and somehow looks like a cross with some kind of Rope attached to it. 

In some sense, this Emblem can mean two things, either the logo of the Popular Cult group known as Pyrates (Sea Dogs) Confraternity or the Logo used in Medical Fields (consisting of A Cross and A Snake. However, since the post is all about Speculations, we can't say, since Victony himself is an Engineering student who recently Graduated in 2023 and not A Medical student. See pictures below.

Picture showing the logo of the Pyrates Confraternity Cult group

Photo Credit:

Sample of logo used for Medical Doctors

What are your thoughts about this picture, the logo Tattoo on his right Arm and what it means. Make your comments in the comments section so we all can learn and stop speculating.


Well, since people Tattoo themselves based on different things ranging from believe, incidents, religion, loved ones, favorite logos, movie characters and more, we can't just come to conclusion on some certain speculations, so if you are reading this post and you know or have an idea on what the logo on Victony's Arm means, please do well to make use of the comment section. Thanks for reading this post, click and read more posts below and help click ads on the blog.

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