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What is Amapiano and Best Amapiano Songs

In the heart of South Africa, a musical movement has been sweeping the nation and beyond. Amapiano, with its infectious beats and unique fusion of various genres, has captivated the ears and hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide. Originating from South Africa in the early 2000s, but becoming popular in the early 2020s, the genre is sure to make a lot of impact in the Global Music industry. Join us as we dive into the origins, evolution, and distinctive elements of Amapiano, uncovering the cultural tapestry that has given birth to this mesmerizing genre." Read more post content below.



   Amapiano, also known as Piano music, is a South African sub-genre of house music that was developed in Johannesburg in the 2010s. It is characterized by low, pulsing bass rhythms, high pitched synths, and shuffling percussion.

   The style was pioneered by a group of young producers from Soweto who blended mainstream house music with traditional jazz and Kwaito influences. The first single, “Jeylee” (2014), released by Vigro Deep and Tshego AMG featured classic pianos and deep basslines that would come to define the sound. This was followed by releases such as “Tribute to Vigro Deep” (2015), “Trip to the Amapiano” (2015) and “Nomama” (2015).

     The sound gained traction from 2015 onwards, with the success of Oskido’s album “50 Degrees” (2015), and the releases of several Amapiano tracks on popular compilation albums such as “The Lowkeys Gqom Wave” and “Shimza’s Shumaya”. In 2017, leading artists in the genre included groups such as Kabza De Small, DJ Maphorisa and Dj Shimza.

    In 2018 the sound was further propelled, with tracks like “Moyo Wam”, “Amabele Shaya” and ‘Tshonelo’ being released to much critical acclaim. This opened up more space for other producers to debut their sounds, such as DJ Stokie, Ice Duchess and Team Mosha, who traded sample-based production for live instruments. This also increased accessibility since labels embraced streaming platforms like Spotify and Deezer, which made it easier for both local and international audiences to access the sound.

     The rise of Amapiano has seen some musical collaborations across genres from hip-hop to Afrobeats bringing alternative sounds to the dance floor. This genre has had a major influence on South African music culture and continues to evolve as producers rediscover SA house elements as part of their sound palette. The sound is common to Zhulu or Xhosa People of South Africa.

     Amapiano grew out of a fusion of various South African Music styles, including Kwaito, House and Jazz. Kwaito, with it's distinctive rythms and electronic elements, provided a strong foundation for the genre, while House music's influence can be heard in the four-on the floor beats that form the back bone of many Amapiano tracks. Jazz elements add a layer of sophistication and complexity to the Genre's sound.

    The term "Amapiano" is derived from the Zulu language, Where "Ama" translates to "To the" and "Apiano" refers to the electronic keyboard instrument (so, we can say it translates to "To the Piano". This name is fitting, as the genre prominently features Melodic keyboard lines and chord progressions, often creating a rich Tapestry of harmonies that intertwine with the rhythmic elements.


Below are some notable characteristics of Amapiano.

1. Groovy Beats and Rhythms: at the heart of Amapiano, lies it's irresistible beats and rhythms. The genre is known for it's slow to mid-tempo grooves, providing a relaxed and danceable atmosphere that is perfect for both club settings and casual listening.

2. Piano Melodies: A defining characteristics of Amapiano is it's use of Melodious piano lines that interweave with the beats. These paino Melodies can range from simple and catchy hooks to intricate and soulful chord progressions, often creating an emotional connection with the listeners.

3. Vocals and Vocal Chops: Amapiano tracks frequently feature soulful vocal lines and vocal chops, adding a human touch to the electronic soundscape. These vocals can be in various languages, further emphasising the genres diverse cultural influences.


In Recent years, Amapiano has gained significant traction on the global Music stage. It's infectious Melodies and danceable rhythms have captured the attention of not only Music enthusiasts but also prominent Artists and producers. The Genre's rise has been facilitated by social media platforms, where dance challenges and viral videos featuring Amapiano tracks have helped to spread it's popularity.

   Furthermore, international Collaborations with well Known Artists have propelled Amapiano onto the global charts. Infusion of local influences with international sensibilities has led to a cross cultural musical exchange that enriches both the genre and the global Music scene as a whole.

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1. “Amantombazane” – Kabza De Small, Samthing Soweto

2. “Qula” – MFR Souls feat. Kamo Mphela 

3. “Sithi Sithi” – De Mthuda, Njelic feat. MalumNator

4. “Emcimbini” – Kabza De Small, Samthing Soweto, Aymos, Mas Musiq & Myztro

5. “Mi Casa Su Casa” – Master KG, Team Mosha & Norinoxx 

6. “Umshove” – Master KG feat. Mpumi

7. “Hluckyou Never Know” – Bskepe Pitori feat. Nokwazi 

8. “Sandton” – Kabza De Small feat. Focalistic, Madumane 

9. “Lorch” – MFR Souls, Dj Maphorisa 

10. “Wena” – Kabza De Small & Dj Maphorisa feat. Howard & Nia Pearl


1. "Skeleton Move" - Master KG featuring Zanda Zakuza and Makhadzi

2. "Saka Ngwa Mina" - DBN Gogo featuring De Mthuda

3. "Let It Rain" - Aymos featuring Shasha

4. "Umona" - Tman Xpress and Mbhosvo

5. "Wangithwala" - TNS featuring Zanda Zakuza and Makhadzi

6. "Abuyile Amakhosi" - Kabza De Small & DJ Maphorisa featuring Mdu Masilela and Shasha

7. "Raba Raba" - Kelvin Momo & Bontle Smith

8. "Umkhehlo Wam" - MFR Souls featuring Maxy Khoisan and Bontle Smith

9. "Ngyazthandela" - De Mthuda & Ntokzin featuring MalumNator

10. "Selimathunzi" - Shasha, Kabza De Small & DJ Maphorisa


1. Kabza De Small 

2. MFR Souls 

3. DJ Maphorisa 

4. Vigro Deep 

5. De Mthuda 

6. JazziDisciples 

7. Caltonic SA 

8. Major League DJz 

9. Focalistic 

10. Mas Musiq.

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     Amapiano is more than just a musical genre, it's a cultural phenomenon that reflects the dynamic and ever evolving nature of music. Rooted in South African Musical traditions, it us clear that the genre has come to stay, not to talk of the weird but funny looking dance steps that accompany the beats.

    Thanks for reading my blog, please make your comments in the comments section and drop your favorite Amapiano songs, click on other interesting posts below and read them.

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