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How To Get Signed Into a Record Label In Nigeria


Getting signed to a record label is a major accomplishment for any musician. It means that you are taken seriously by the music industry, and have a chance to release your music to a wider audience. Here are some tips on how to get signed to a record label. I am going to list firstly the most important steps, then the use of social media to achieve this goals.

    Getting signed into a record label this days and the days before isn't that easy, same as getting a movie role when you are a newcomer. Record Label bosses wants artistes who will be able to reach great heights and bring prominence to the label and the artistes. I wrote down this ideas, to help you find your way and follow the right steps to make your music dreams come to pass. Here we go.



1. Have a Good Demo: Before you even start approaching labels, make sure your music is of professional quality. Get feedback from other industry professionals and musicians, and make sure you’re producing songs that really show off not just your musical abilities, but your songwriting skills as well.

2. Network: You should actively network with professionals working in the industry, whether it’s other musicians, producers, or label managers. Ask them for advice and opinion, get to know them and make sure that they remember you and your music.

 3. Performing: Before you approach any labels, build up your fan base by performing your music on stages in front of crowds. Film it and post it on social media, or even live-stream your performance. This will help labels know who they are signing and assess what kind of audience you are likely to reach. 

   Now this might be quite hard, because getting opportunities to perform even if it is a free performance, doesn't come around all times. But there's a way around it. You can apply for small ceremonies/occasions like comedy, Dance, festive shows to give you opportunity to show case your craft. This can boost your chances of getting noticed by Major labels as well.

4. Reach out: Do research on the labels that interest you and make sure your music resonates with the type of artists they usually sign. Approach label managers directly via email, or even send your demo over the post. It’s important to make sure you include an impressive artist summary as well as an up-to-date press kit. 

5. Follow and mention popular Artistes pages: This is one of the most helpful and most vital way to get noticed by Record labels. You can follow celebrity pages, make posts and mention them on such posts. I have seen situations twice on Facebook where a fellow blogger like me and an artist (drawing), mentioned popular Nigerian Canadian rapper, Dax and he commented on the post, that's recognition. 

    Now most of these pages are run by someone else, like a social media page handler, yes I know, but imagine if handlers get your post and mentions to this industry figures, imagine the opportunity you can be getting yourself.

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Getting signed into a record label these days should be a bit easy with the use of social media, Don't get me wrong (I mean, if you have what it takes and can make good use of social media). I decided to add this little write up to the main post.

      I'm going to make the write up focus solely on the good use of social media to help yourself boost your growth and finally, land yourself a record label deal and taste some dolls. OK, let's take some popular trending artitse like Zinoleesky, Mohbad, Lil FroshBoy Spyce and others for example. These artists took social media platforms by the horn and made them a fan base and recognition source.

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     Let's start from Zinoleesky and Lil Frosh, this two were friends who recorded themselves free styling on rap lines and songs and then upload the videos to their social media handles and then boom, they got massive attention, fan base and got signed into their respective record labels. Mohbad also did thesame thing Zino and Lil Frosh did, in fact, Mohbad was part of the first Marlians Music record label signees which included Zino, Cblack, Fabian Blue and Mohbad Himself. Mohbad is popular for doing the cover of Kizz Daniel's song, F*ck You. Likewise Boy Spyce who did popular songs covers and uploaded them to his social media platforms. He is popular for doing the WizKid's Song, Essence Featuring Tems. 

   Ok, from these stories above, you can see how these young lads made good use of social media to better their lives. They are now enjoying the fruits of their labour (them fit still plant another fruit). Most people on social media today, use it for illicit means and a worth not. Shaking your butt on tik tok and not making shi shi from it is not a good business return (hehehe). So, what I'm I trying to say in essence, you can showcase yourself to the world by posting your crafts on your social media accounts. If possible, create social media pages, run ads and get followers (Thank God for Meta). You can use Facebook and IG to do these and if your content or craft or talent is good and you are good at what you do, then why not. Before you know, you see one of the music industry bosses getting you signed into a record label and then you get to pull up in a black one and leave in the white one (hehehe).

      So these are the strategies, create your content (since we are talking music), do it to the very best of your might, upload to your social media accounts, get followers and recognitions, seek for celebrities attention (not easy but you can try) and when you get noticed by industry bosses, watch your life take a better turn for you. Peace and I'm out. Abi wait conclusion dey.


   Following these tips will help increase your chances of getting signed to a record label. Keep your head up, keep networking and never give up in pursuit of fame!


     Thanks for reading my blog, make your comments in the comment section and drop your thoughts. Read more entertaining post below.


Q. Which Record label is the best in Nigeria?

A. Well, we can't specifically point a particular label to be the best in Nigeria, various labels have produced good artistes over the years, however, we can call Record labels like Mavin, Chocolate City, YBNL, DMW and others as top best Record labels.

Q. Which Record label is the biggest in Nigeria?

A. Easy to answer, as at present times, the biggest Record label is Mavin Records owned by Don Jazzy.

Q. Are Record labels necessary?

A. Yes Record labels are very necessary, they help new and old Artiste gain more recognition and organisation of thier work.


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