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Preye Odede Biography, Awards, Net worth


      Preye Odede is a Popular Nigerian Gospel singer, A minister, A song writer and a performer. He hails from Isampou town in Ekeromor, Rivers State, Nigeria. He was born on the 16th of June 1990. In this article, we will look into the biography of Preye Odede, his rise to fame, early life and education, Awards, achievements and recognitions. More posts content below.

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      Preye Odede was born on the 16th of June 1990 in Rivers State, Nigeria. He comes from a very large family of 7 children (6 boys and 1 girl) of which he is the Third Child.

     Preye Odede didn't have that flowery life at child hood because according to sources, his Dad left them (His mom and 7 children) to fend for themselves and life became hard. They did all manner of petty jobs to survive and Preye managed to attend school up to University level.

     He studied Microbiology and got a degree in the Abia state university (ABSU) uturu. He attends Assemblies of God church and was even a choir member from childhood to Adulthood.


     Preye Odede sings Gospel Songs (songs that glorify God). He started singing at a young age in his church's children's Choir. He once founded a 5 Man (Male) Acapella singing group called Born To Praise and was part of another group called Casor Reconciliation Choir. 

     He came into limelight in 2010 after releasing his single titled Ebeziner which became a Gospel phenomenon back then and till now. So far, Preye Odede has released soul touching songs with compelling visuals to them.


     He released his first Album in 2012 titled My Script. Preye Odede stated that his songs are inspired by the Holy Spirit and he sings about God not Forsaken him and being there for him at all times. What sets Preye Odede apart is not just his musical prowess, but also the depth of his soul touching lyrics. His songs often carry messages of faith, encouragement and the transformative power of God's grace. His ability to connect with people through his music has earned him a dedicated fan base and opportunities to minister in Churches, concerts and Gospel events both in Nigeria and internationally.


    Some of Preye Odede's popular songs are:

– Ebeziner

– Osimiri Atata

....and lots more.

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     Preye Odede has the following Awards according to sources; Best Gospel Music Video, Best of African Gospel Music Awards, Atlanta, USA.


  Preye Odede does Gospel worship in slow Uplifting blues kind of style, his music reflects on God not giving up on those who love him.

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    He is said to worth about $1million USD (United States Dollars). Though this is not a correct estimate as things happen to change overtime. However the post will be updated as soon as credible information roll in.


    As stated above, Preye Odede has 6 siblings, 5 boys and 1 girl and him making the 6th boy all together, 7 in number. His mom is still alive, not much is known about his mother nor his runaway father. As at the time of writing this post, we are not sure if he is married or have kids.

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   Preye Odede is said to run an NGO that helps kids living in the streets or slums, who can't afford education, to gain one and so many other humanitarian ventures (what a good soul he has, helping others with same fate as his). He is also said to be working as a designer in an undisclosed company.


   Well, judging from the story of this great Gospel singer, we learn one thing, which is, Never Give Up In Life. Despite the fact that there were left alone by their father, they pushed on still and today, Preye's mother will be proud to give birth to a celebrity, who has impacted lives with his songs and showed us that giving up is never an option, no matter the odds.

    Preye Odede's journey from a young boy singing in church choirs to becoming a renowned Nigerian Gospel singer, is a story of dedication, passion and unwavering faith. As we anticipate more melodious tunes and heart-stirring lyrics from this talented artist, let us remember th powerful impact that Preye Odede has made and continuea to make in the world of Gospel Music.

    Thanks for reading my blog please make your comments in the comments section and drop your thoughts on the post, also tell us your favorite Preye Odede song. Read more engaging articles below too.


Q. Who is Preye Odede?

A. Preye Odede is a Nigerian Gospel minister and performer.

Q. Which church does Preye Odede attend?

A. As at the time of writing this post, His church isn't known.

Q. Is Preye Odede married?

A. No Preye Odede is not married as at the time this post was written.

Q. Is Judikay Nigerian?

A. Yes Judikay is a Nigerian Gospel Singer.

Q. Preye Odede family?

A. Not much is known about Preye Odede family, though info has it that he has 6 siblings.

Q. What Awards did Preye Odede win?

A. Preye Odede has won numerous Awards, but the most known however, is the Awards he won contained in the Awards section of the post.



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